5 thoughts on “COVID tests offered in Redwood Valley, Mendo College, F. Bragg; church involved in 14th case identified

  1. Singing loudly can send the virus over 20 feet where it can linger in the air for 8-14 minutes.
    Their Lord could have heard them through masks.

    • The “public health order” is anti-constitutional. The First Amendment guarantees the right to worship regardless of who doesn’t like it.

      At this point, there is ZERO evidence this had anything to do with Christians worshiping. The haters of Christians are truly enjoying this story, because it serves their purposes.

      “Based on the information given by Public Health it is unclear whom the vector was, or even if one of these people was a vector, or if they all were infected by a fourth unidentified person.”

      If this had occurred at a venue that the Babylon System decrees as “essential,” this likely wouldn’t even be “news.”

  2. They need to get their facts straight! Fake news!! If you can’t tell the WHOLE truth stop making stuff up!

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