Public Health Officer Doohan talks masks, tests, and all things COVID-19 in interview (video)


7 thoughts on “Public Health Officer Doohan talks masks, tests, and all things COVID-19 in interview (video)

    • What would be the reasoning for the county to want to cover up the cases? You would think that they would want to do the opposite. Just stay at home. If everyone just stayed put and didn’t go anywhere for three weeks it would starve out and go away. Do your part and take responsibility and stop the spread.

  1. Thanks for covering this!
    Unfortunately I don’t have good enough bandwidth nor reception out here to play the video. Any possibility you could partner with KZYX or another station and nnounce it here and have it played over the radio for us remote sheltering in place folks?
    Thanks for thinking about it!
    My very best to you all for doing such a great job!

    • Hi Ree – thanks for your comment, we do collaborate a lot with local radio and we will think of ways we can see if we can get this on the air. We are also working on uploading mp3 files of our videos so people who do not have fast internet connections can still listen. Thanks for your patience, we’re still trying to upgrade our technology to be more accessible to everyone.

  2. So, the individual who issued the decree ordering us to remain in house arrest, currently until at least May 31st?

    She’s been vacationing in San Diego with her husband!

    YOU are not allowed to travel, but she is!

    Spread this to everyone you know.

    The quintessence of Fascism.

    “Also Tuesday, Doohan confirmed that she was not currently in Mendocino County, but had been given permission to visit her husband and other family members in San Diego for two weeks.

    “There is nothing that I should be doing that I am not doing as your health officer,’ said Doohan, adding that she had been “working every day with no days off since Jan. 31,’ and is spending ’12 hours a day at her computer, sheltering in place’ while conducting numerous conference calls with many other officials and agencies daily.

    “‘I will return to Mendocino County this Sunday in person, and I was there until two weeks ago, when I was given permission to go to San Diego to visit my husband,’ Doohan said.”

  3. To J.C. Tokalenko. Yes I agree with you that the optics are terrible in her situation. Those in power should actually do what they strongly recommend. Just like President Trump at his COVID-19 update briefing advocating the CDC’s recommendation for masks, and then immediately saying he will not wear one. This is wrong and is a terrible disservice for the American people and those of us in Mendocino County. I appreciate Dr. Doohan’s work and dedication to this. But the county put itself in a terrible position by hiring someone not based in Mendocino County as the PHO.

  4. To JC Tokalenko: Please get your facts straight before complaining. Doohan was not vacationing, she took a new job in San Diego BEFORE the pandemic began but agreed to stay on here in Mendocino so as not to leave us in the lurch. She’s done a fantastic job and kept cases down, all the while you are not under house arrest, you are free to go get groceries and gas and other essential items. Businesses may suffer, but they are going to suffer regardless, its a global pandemic. At least we haven’t had community transmission or overloaded hospitals here, as in neighboring counties. Her work saved lives.

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