One more case of COVID in Round Valley, 119 tests pending; no decision from National Guard on transport of aid


17 thoughts on “One more case of COVID in Round Valley, 119 tests pending; no decision from National Guard on transport of aid

  1. I am very concerned about other counties easing up on sheltering practices. Since our county has been fortunate, so far, I am afraid that people will be flocking up here from the Bay Area and all of the precautions will be lost. I am 73, have been sheltering since March 12. I am immuno-deficient and am worried. People from other places are already coming here in the dark of night. I have seen them parking on the streets of Fort Bragg. Cautions must be taken.

    • Most likely COVID-19 was in this county for the last few months. Without testing, how would we know how many asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic people have contracted the virus? As a healthy 75 year old, I had a mild cough that lasted for about 3 days back in February! The cough puzzled me, since there didn’t seem to be any reason for it, nor did it last long enough to attribute it to a cold or bronchitis (which I don’t have) or any other typical cause. I have talked to quite a few who have similar stories. Looking back they realize they might have picked up the coronavirus.

      Vulnerable people like yourself need to be careful or cared for, but the rest of us should not be held prisoners for the few. It defeats the very concept of mass immunity through exposure, a natural process that has proven beneficial throughout human history. Delaying that process means dragging this whole emotionally and financially destructive quarantine out indefinitely and putting people like you in danger long after a typical flu season would have ended.

    • Your worry is far more dangerous than the virus. I say that respectfully and with actual concern for your health.

      SARS 2 has been circulating in Mendocino County for months. There’s no question of that. The potential for “containment” ended once it arrived in California.

      Clear your mind, and do what you can to boost your immune system. There are many supplements you may take: Vitamin C, D3, Selenium among them. Do your own research – don’t trust the blabbering “trusted experts” OR me! See for yourself in the literature.

  2. On the coast they are doing 0 testing and this is the place that most out of town people come .There are cars all around the trails of the Stornetta Lands. I don’t know how they can tell us how many cases we have when there is 0 testing being done on the coast!

  3. Marillyn B, I don’t think I could have said it better myself. Well written. We need to be talking about how we’re going to get the country opened up again, not letting fear of the unknown rule out lives.

    • We need not to be fools and invite a rash of cases. If we had had a lot of asymoptomatic and mild cases back in February, we would also have had severe cases. That’s what the stats tell us. Because we buckled down and more or less kept to ourselves, we have not seen an outbreak. But there is no apparent immunity here in la-la-land, and when it comes for us, it will come for us just as it has in places where public officials and citizens dismissed the risks. What we need, as Mary Rose says, is testing to be able to deal with cases as they arise and with all their contacts.

    • Yes, life must resume! Please, please remove Dr. Doohan from her post! All she is capable of is copy and paste health orders from Bay Area ! How stupid is that! Mendo county needs and deserves to be opened up for business. Please Dr. Doohan resign!

  4. Here are statistics from the CDC: “8 out of 10 deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years old and older.”
    It does not matter if you are healthy, the fact that you are 75 is a high risk factor. Your body’s immune system does not function the way it used to, so please be just as cautious as anyone else with high risk factors. I am curious about the idea of all out exposure to create mass immunity. We have already seen various states and countries who decided that sheltering in place was “too boring” or not necessary and chose mass exposure. It caused mass deaths, not mass immunity. I am trying to understand why certain people are not looking at the other reasons we are staying in, such as staying put so hospital personal are not inundated with highly infectious ill and dying people. Are we really that selfish, self centered, and spoiled that we boohoo over something so trivial like having to stay home for a few weeks? We could be like Italy where the dead are stacked in the streets and left in homes. My sister’s friend, a very healthy 26 yr old recently recovered after 28 days of what she says was the absolute worst thing she ever went through. She was tested for antibodies, and has none. Not everyone has been creating immunity to this bizarre virus caused by the carnivorous eating habits of a bloodthirsty population.

    • I’ll thank you not to make a medical diagnosis of my immune system. I’ll be 76 in one month and I have never taken a flu shot and never get flu. I use alternative medicine like herbal and homeopathic remedies, eat organic foods, raw goat milk, fermented foods, etc. When I traveled to Haiti I was advised to get an inoculation against malaria, which is endemic there. I refused and instead dosed with malaria nosode. In spite of being bitten by mosquitoes (no window screens), I’m fine, never had an episode in 9 years.

      FYI, I am not bored, so stop second guessing my motives for questioning the ridiculous protocols that are supposed to save us from certain death. If I never left my house or yard I’d have plenty to occupy my time. Unfortunately, many do not have the privilege of taking time off from a job or education. They are suffering from failing businesses, lack of employment, curtailment of educational opportunities—there are limits to how much learning can be achieved online—and loneliness & social isolation.

      If you have proof that the dead are stacked in the streets of Italy I’d like to see it. (Oh, but CNN, the Compromised News Network, says so!) Most of the deaths here and abroad are attributable to other chronic or terminal illnesses (“co-morbidities’), but the CDC has issued a directive to falsify records to indicate that COVID-19 was the cause of death. Sweden has not placed its population in quarantine and guess what? They are seeing a much more rapid downscaling of the epidemic than countries where the lockdowns are rigidly enforced, which makes me wonder where these other states and countries are that you claim are experiencing “mass deaths” due to lax policies. You are welcome to live out your life in fear, lapping up all the falsehoods and foolishness the government and the complicit MSM dishes up, but I’ll manage my life according to what works for me, thank you very much.

    • #1) the Centers for Diminished Competence, and Propaganda, is not a source we should trust – all of their “statistics” and “analysis” and “recommendations” are subject to question, for very good reason;
      #2) House Arrest, or what you and the government euphemistically call “shelter-in-place” (sic) is not science, but BELIEF. Sweden’s and Belarus’ figures don’t’ show this apocalypse of death you believe would happen if we let natural herd immunity develop;
      #3) objecting to House Arrest is neither “selfish,” “self-centered,” nor “spoiled” for those who are suffering economic tragedy now, with many businesses and thousands folks here in Mendocino County experiencing that right now. Multiply that by thousands for the whole country. It is utterly pathetic that people of privilege such as yourself are unable and/or apparently unwilling to see that these House Arrests are not mere “inconvenience,” but real, tangible moderate to severe injury to so many. YOU have money, food, a job (?), but so many do NOT.
      #4) why are YOU so selfish that you demand people surrender their livelihoods and inalienable (that means CANNOT be taken away) rights so YOU can “feel safe”?
      #5) your agenda is clear from your final statement: the virus did NOT originate in the Wuhan “wet market” as alleged, but that hasn’t stopped vee-gun fanatics from bashing people over the head with that lie.

    • Hi, we disagree, and we don’t allow comments directly attacking individuals, or entire towns. Please edit or we’ll remove.

    • Huh? Those folks up there had nothing to do with engineering this virus or the plandemic being foisted on the world. I also utterly reject any “they brought it upon themselves” stupidity, since these House Arrests are causing direct injury to countless people. To be honest, I feel great empathy for the Round Valley community, since the government hasn’t always been “beneficial” or benevolent for those folks. Learn the history of how the reservation arose.

  5. I was informed yesterday, 4/28/20, that the Mendocino Coast District Hospital last week tested 200 people here on the Coast focusing on certain important groups: Health care workers, first responders, grocery store employees and members of the homeless population. The results weren’t back but expected imminently. I found that comforting, though.

    I appreciate my neighbors who are protecting and caring for me just as I’m protecting them by observing all the sensible recommended behaviors.

    Linda Perry
    Fort Bragg

    P.S. A shout-out to The Mendocino Voice for all the great real-time reporting. Feels like the real thing!
    I’m heading to Patreon at: to help.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for your support! We are planning to follow up on the results of that Fort Bragg testing effort as well, we hope to have another update soon.

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