7 thoughts on “Mendocino supes will hold emergency meeting April 14, consider extending health officer’s contract (updated 1:30 p.m.)

  1. So Dr. Doohan is permitted to travel to San Diego and back, but we ordinary citizens are advised not to go anywhere except to grab some food or meds, and we’d better not get near anyone in the process. Is she going to observe the two week isolation rule?

  2. Dump Dr. Doolittle and everybody that hired her! How can you order SIP and then travel out of county yourself? Who approved this? What a skate job. Six figure salary to just copy and paste other county’s health orders! We need someone who is competent and serious about the job!

    • Oh, but she had to go fuss with her home in San Diego, like she doesn’t make enough money to hire someone already in that area who could send photo and video updates of the property’s condition. Feh!

    • A real leader would say, “I’m staying at my post through all this, I’m going to abide by what I preach.” Preferably, any “health officer” should be REQUIRED to have their primary residence IN Mendocino County at all times, but I could have respected her if she said she was going to stay at her post, HERE, through it all, while still having her residence in SD.

      I hope people start recognizing the petty dictator nature of these so-called “Shelter in Place” “orders” and act accordingly. We are so being played. The virus we must worry about is the virus of Fascism.

  3. Well, the Board of Stupidvisors not only kept her on, instead of asking for her resignation – they gave her a $100,000 raise!

    At this point, the people of Mendocino County should take into account her personal actions that are both unethical as a supposed “leader,” and contrary to the letter and spirit of the anti-constitutional so-called “Shelter in Place” (House Arrest) “order” she has imposed. Hence, people should simply do what THEY feel they need to do – NOT her, not her collaborators. Her trip to San Diego is unquestionably “non-essential,” while she tells YOU that visiting YOUR family, even here in Mendocino County is “non-essential” and even “a public health menace.” No, Doohan and the so-called “leadership” of this county are the public health menace, and more importantly, a menace to the Bill of Rights.

    Act accordingly. The House Arrest “order” is obviously of neither value nor moral authority, if “special” people can violate it.

  4. I agree with all the previous statements. And why does she get a raise? She should be a role model Ya think?Like how can we afford these high paying positions? Im going to apply for the Grand Jury Position. People are outta control

  5. Her husband is in San Diego so he certainly could have handled repairs to their home.
    In addition, since she would have to SIP for 14 days upon her return, the Board of Supervisors suggested she stay in San Diego.
    Yes and for this she gets an increase of $100,000.

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