Mendocino loses another cannabis program manager — Sean Connell resigns


3 thoughts on “Mendocino loses another cannabis program manager — Sean Connell resigns

  1. What a shame to see professional and promising young workers leave their jobs due to the county’s dissonance with the public regarding the cannabis program.

    Leadership from the CEO’s doesn’t want this program to thrive while the Sheriff is left to figure out the complex realities of the law enforcement dynamic.

  2. Again, the opinion of the Grand Jury is underscored in this article, regarding our BoS poor policy development. The inefficient response to our county’s citizens needs is exemplified in the reactive behavior of particular supervisors. Hasn’t this gone on way too long!!! Time to replace the members who are getting in the way of responsible behavior. Historic growers are being ignored. United we stand!

  3. What a disaster the cannabis program is. I am not surprised he left.
    The planning and building dept are too busy trying to tell people no, even when they are allowed to do it.
    Sorry MR. McCowen but no it is not more streamlined. The moment I bring up the word cannabis in planning and building everything changes, it slows everything down, and I am treated like I am trying to do something wrong.
    I have built 2 class K homes in the past and everything went smooth, I am no stranger to government and there is no reason to treat me like this.
    The whole program needs major help.

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