3 thoughts on “D.A. motions to put Fallis and Bautista-Dalson on trial together

  1. When I was unfortunate enough to finally be able to get an idea of these two people’s entire energy I was surprised by his to hold characteristics of a socially debilitating expectation of rejection. guilt. Very good to be able to take note of with my own two eyes. Although I have waited many weeks to witness this it still caught me off guard.

    I don’t know who is able to see or not see this, but I couldn’t even justifiably swallow the disgraceful nonchalance of the female’s demeanor especially.
    It sent me into a state of disbelief so large that i think they could honestly feel the tension and they left the public area in which this took place. Whether or not they were even aware of my presence in the crowd.

    To the family it’s something that should be advised ive done this for MANY years. Never have i read a person based on the energy they themselves emit, incorrectly.

    The female would seem to me to greatly display an ironic almost akward amount of the opposite.
    She seemed uphased, proud or boastful even. She seemed to not share in his level of caution.

    Not because she don’t share in his guilt but because she’s young and less aware of the way her giddiness and unguarded comments even under her breath appear to expose her.

    Start with her shes the weak link.
    She thinks she is invincible and amazingly open with her clear role in which she remains brazenly fearless

    I hope im not the only one that can see that this girls role in the grand scheme of things is quite possibly much larger to you than might at first glance see.

    This girl has instigator engraved in her eyes and across her forehead

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