Baby dies after being left in car, near Willits — mother charged with murder (updated)


8 thoughts on “Baby dies after being left in car, near Willits — mother charged with murder (updated)

  1. Wow! The best I can think of for this supposed Mom is lock her in a car with the windows rolled up for 10 hours! See how she feels if she’s able to feel anything after that! Sick to death of parents FORGETTING their babies in cars! ???????

  2. It said in the report the parents drove to the hospital the night before the baby died, Did anyone see this child in the hospital, and if yes why didn’t they keep this child? It just goes to show all of us, young people can have children but that does not mean they know how to care for them or even want to. If they were using and not taking care of their child, family, friends or anyone that see’s abuse needs to report it or tell someone who will listen and care, before another baby dies.

    • This is sick and wrong but the article does not say the PARENTS him to the hospital just the mom did and I am friends with Chergery’s dad and he was out of town working when his son was murdered by his mother. So please don’t say parents when it was not both of them. Chergery’s death has hit his dad so hard to the point where he wants to kill himself still to this day. He had to come home to identify his son’s (his only child) dead body. And yesterday was Father’s Day and was also the 3 year mark of Baby Chergery’s death and that hit him even harder. I hope they never let that lady out of prison but I heard she’s being released sooner then she should and then they sentenced her to but I don’t know facts. What I do know is there’s a lot of pissed off people over this and she should probably pray to God to keep her locked up cuz she probably won’t last long after being released if certain people find her. She deserves the electric chair for sure. U don’t accidentally leave a child at any age in the car for any amount of time and if ur at a house that u can’t take ur kids inside well then u probably shouldn’t be at the house to begin with in my opinion. My heart aches for this child and his dad and family and I’m sorry if I sound mad about ur post it’s just when u said parents when it was only his mom and her friend,, not his dad, it got to me cuz it’s not fair fir his dad to be accused when this never would have happened if he wasn’t out of town working. Just saying…

  3. I blame the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) for what’s going on in the reservations.

    American Indian child ‘welfare’ law under fire

    “A child-welfare law passed by Congress nearly four decades ago specifically to protect Native American children and preserve their cultural heritage is under attack from critics who claim the law is putting children in potentially dangerous situations that have led to abuse — and even death.”

    James Marmon MSW
    Retired Child Welfare Social Worker
    Del Norte and Mendocino Counties

    • But it wasn’t anyone’s fault but the mother’s who was high on drugs so how is that the Indian child welfare acts fault. Just saying…

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