Baby dies after being left in car, near Willits — mother charged with murder (updated)

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6 thoughts on “Baby dies after being left in car, near Willits — mother charged with murder (updated)

  1. Wow! The best I can think of for this supposed Mom is lock her in a car with the windows rolled up for 10 hours! See how she feels if she’s able to feel anything after that! Sick to death of parents FORGETTING their babies in cars! ???????

  2. It said in the report the parents drove to the hospital the night before the baby died, Did anyone see this child in the hospital, and if yes why didn’t they keep this child? It just goes to show all of us, young people can have children but that does not mean they know how to care for them or even want to. If they were using and not taking care of their child, family, friends or anyone that see’s abuse needs to report it or tell someone who will listen and care, before another baby dies.

  3. I blame the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) for what’s going on in the reservations.

    American Indian child ‘welfare’ law under fire

    “A child-welfare law passed by Congress nearly four decades ago specifically to protect Native American children and preserve their cultural heritage is under attack from critics who claim the law is putting children in potentially dangerous situations that have led to abuse — and even death.”

    James Marmon MSW
    Retired Child Welfare Social Worker
    Del Norte and Mendocino Counties

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