Opinion: Complaints about Ukiah Co-op More than Warranted


3 thoughts on “Opinion: Complaints about Ukiah Co-op More than Warranted

  1. Does anyone actually take Ben Wolff seriously? What a hateful guy full of invective. Not a good way to get folks on your side my friend.

    (Side note: drive by his pigs in Potter Valley and you’ll see how inhumanely he keeps his pigs, not to mention how they’ve destroyed the wetland field they’re kept in. Not my idea of a model farmer I’d want to support).

    Get off it already Ben. You’re hurting the cause more than helping.

  2. The article is accusing the co-op board of creating a conspiracy theory, and then goes on to lay out an argument completely based on conspiracy. Please go write for Breitbart News. You have a talent for twisting your own mismanagement of truth into someone else’s.

    • Hi Eli, just to be very clear, this is an opinion piece and not an article, that’s why we’ve titled it as such. The views do not reflect the newspaper, but we allow a forum for people to air their views, including printing a response to this piece, which you can read here: https://mendovoice.com/2017/03/gaska/.

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