Grist Creek plant rejects final offer on environmental violations


One thought on “Grist Creek plant rejects final offer on environmental violations

  1. Mendocino County residents: BEWARE! If anyone in our County Govt. proves to sacrifice any one of us, we are all in trouble.
    Mendo Govt.: Shut this plant Down! Don’t just bring it into air compliance as if that’s going to solve the problem! How narrow minded! That’s so insufficient and unacceptable!
    What flagrant disregard to the public and the environment!
    Why would anyone slap a ill-managed old-machinery asphalt plant on a protected creek?
    Is the Third District that far away from Ukiah or too full of “lazy growers not contributing” that the BOS thought nobody would care? This asphalt plant was fast tracked by the BOS with NO public review, because TWO OTHER proposed Mendo ASPHALT plants were held up in litigation at the time! Countless violations of the public trust DO NOT justify the crappy ALREADY CRUMBLING Asphalt job in Laytonville provided by this plant. Please someone explain to me how having updated roads equates SACRIFICING citizens safety and compromising the environment? Shame on anyone justifying this abomination of Cruel-hearted Spread-sheet logic!

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