Shots fired in high speed chase, from Ukiah to Willits, suspect in CUSTODY


4 thoughts on “Shots fired in high speed chase, from Ukiah to Willits, suspect in CUSTODY

  1. good idea..ban them both.. because whats about to take place is going to be a nightmare..I dont think anyone is taking into consideration that whatever legal limit is to be considered for pot it will still not find point in the fact that the smallest amount of both pot and alcohol in combination can leave a person severely intoxicated….amd due to the most annoying popup that is headed “MORE STORIES” I am unable to finish my point..i “x” it out and as soon as i attempt to type it blocks my entire screen..REAL CLASSY..(but coming from a source that supported Gary Bruchelor when he murdered his son with an axe while he slept in the family den nothing really seems out of character no matter the disfunction.. thats Mendo…a fireman murders his 30 year old kid with an axe and serves only a year..a 28 year old kid runs into the forest away from the cops with a rifle and the cops shoot him in the butt and give him a 9 year prison sentence..yeeehaaaawww

  2. if my previous comment implied that the mendo voice supported the murderer i mentioned it was not my intended implication… i was of course referring to the mendocino county law enforcement and courts system..the annoying popup seems to belong to the mendo voice and it is this popup that is the reason i could not properly edit my post.. it fille the scren unremorsefully!

    • Didn’t realize that pop up was doing that. It filled your whole screen? Sorry, we’ll have to fix it.

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