UPDATE: Homicide in Laytonville, suspects sought, warrant Issued for Zachary Wuester


18 thoughts on “UPDATE: Homicide in Laytonville, suspects sought, warrant Issued for Zachary Wuester

  1. The guy was a drug dealer he distorted more life’s then he helped.. feds say pot is elegal … this would never have happen if he wasn’t growing elegal substance (POT) if the cops did there job stopped the Growing of POT

    • You’re about a “DUMB SHIT”!!! Either that or you are around 8 or 9 yrsold or you did not get very far in school!!! Apparently you did not know Jeff!!! He would never have hurt anyone and for your information, Jeff had a license to grow marijuana, Dumb Ass!!!

    • Shut the Fuck Up. If you believe Jeff deserved to die because weed is illegal, your moral compass needs a massive adjustment.

  2. They should give all them a pass… They give the drug dealer a pass they is a lot of people in jail for having a lot less then 100lbs of POT mean while your spend our tax dollars looking for people that most likely saved people life POT is the beginning assed any heroin addicted what he started with… 99% will say Pot… but since the cops DEA FIB isn’t doing there job by inforceing federal law they allow these drug dealers to profit of our stuiped people that smoke pot

    • Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and we would like to keep this as a venue for the free exchange of ideas. We believe that avoiding direct insults is helpful in maintaining a civil discussion. We approved your comment, but ask that in the future you refrain from directly insulting people. Thank you.

  3. It said he grew it comercially, may have been for people with cancer/pain relief. This doesn’t make him scum. But judging people and not knowing how to spell properly (using the word aint) doesnt make you seem like you are in a position to judge

    • Commercial
      Commercial doesn’t mean medical it has to do with commerce which is capital gain

  4. I feel for him, his family, his friends. Growing mmj is a way to make a living in the rural areas of Northern California and it isn’t easy (or else everyone would do it). Yes it is a high stakes game with a lot to lose so that’s why it is so profitable… He paid them for their help and they weren’t content. Needed more. Now they have murder on their conscience for less than 20 grand a piece. It’s a sad sad thing.

  5. Maybe, considering the down-swing in weed prices, the grower shorted his workers, and, the crew came back to settle accounts. Landless laborers need their money. The cost of living is very high up in Satanville. When a land-owning hippy capitalist cheats his workers, he takes his chances. All praise to the struggling landless of the Infernal Regions. All power to the dialectic!

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