Emergency winter homeless shelter set to open on State St. by Thanksgiving


4 thoughts on “Emergency winter homeless shelter set to open on State St. by Thanksgiving

  1. The challenge is that the long term homeless RESIDENTS of Ukiah will not be given precedence over those who are merely ” passing through .” In an effort at solving their crises, sanctuary cities in the Bay Area have been bussing individuals to cities throughout Northern California – – specifically those areas where alot of FEMA money is being circulated . These ” refugees ” are largely responsible for the increase ( s ) in crime and disruption in Ukiah . Furthermore , I made a suggestion that those asking for shelter be alcohol / drug tested – – – this request was met with disdain . I expect there will be the same difficulties as last year : an increase in crime / vandalism / litter / police responses . Why : because those who operate these ” emergency shelters ” are not qualified to operate such and continue to enable individuals in their dysfunctional behavior .

    • Mr. Pike,

      I would ask you to provide links to evidence for the claims made here, specifically of the busing and FEMA money.

      Thank you,
      A.F. Baumann

    • If you look at DHHS in San Francisco you can find the bus ticket purchase program. The homeless can choose their destination & many choose here because of drug culture & availability of services. I know of trimmers & drug dealers who make $200-300 per day *tax free* & get free services, free food, EBT etc…. Even though they make more than working class who don’t qualify! It is insane to think shelters do any good without sobriety policies. Ukiah could be a nice town but the bums, the transients & the thug types ruin it. Beautiful Low Gap Park is over run with huge gangs of bums playing loud gangster rap & getting high. I wish they would lock parks up & just give tax payers a key. Because these people you care so much about helping are not the working class invested in this community & the middle class who are getting squeezed out — those the people who are really struggling & need help. Those are the people who help build a strong community. Not the bums and drug addicts! Ukiah law enforcement & pot growers need to work together to keep out riff raff that comes with drug culture. Personally I will be moving my family somewhere more conservative & family friendly.

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