Grace Hudson paintings will be returned to Ukiah from Palm Springs in 2022

MENDOCINO Co., 12/7/21 —Mendocino County painter Grace Hudson is known for her depictions of local residents and landscapes, and many of her artworks are housed at the museum in Ukiah that bears her name. Next year, however, an additional 16 paintings will gifted back to the museum, and another two returned through a long-term loan, thanks to an arrangement with the Palm Spring Museum. These 18 paintings will be returning to Mendocino County from their current home as a gift, in part due to generous contributions from local funders to support the transfer costs. “Palm Springs believed that by keeping the paintings in the public trust rather than selling them to private collectors was the right thing to do,” David Burton, Grace Hudson Museum Director, noted in the announcement. Here’s the press release from the Grace Hudson Museum:

A prized collection of artist Grace Hudson’s paintings are returning home to Mendocino County in a unique agreement reached with the Palm Springs Art Museum in Southern California.