Urchin-smashing off to strong start this year with 30 recreational divers at Caspar Cove


7 thoughts on “Urchin-smashing off to strong start this year with 30 recreational divers at Caspar Cove

  1. How horrible that you are going out and killing these beautiful creatures! I feel so sad for them, shame on you!!

  2. I am grateful to read this story. The ocean
    is vital to humble humans, but many of them do not understand the power of the
    ocean and what it provides. But here are
    these wonderful humans who care about
    the fine balance of nature and donate their
    time because they care!

    • Urchins are edible, but the “starving” purple urchins often are empty of the edible roe– I tried to collect urchins to eat a few months ago, and only 1 out of 10 actually had an amount of roe worth eating.

  3. In “Bluewater Gold Rush”, Tom Kendrick talks about the life of California Urchin Divers.
    The product is sold to the Japanese Sushi houses. Often, 3-4000 pounds a day were harvested.
    In the 1960s, we, as dive club members, in Southern California , tried to kill urchins as they were destroying the reefs, even around catalina Island. Several techniques were used to minimal effect.
    It seems that humans want to control things based on their own hunches and limited information. The unintended side effects often are worse than the treatments applied.
    I suspect more than one thing is out of balance, and it is preposterous to believe humans know how to right the balance by doing one thing. I do hope the study gives some useful data and information to inform future efforts. This should be closely circumscribed and controlled.
    I have been diving for over 60 years and appreciate balance in nature and the sea.
    Regular follow ups will be important as long as the information is published and disseminated.

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