Skunk Train property sells for $4.15 million in internal transfer to sister company that operates freight rail shipping


5 thoughts on “Skunk Train property sells for $4.15 million in internal transfer to sister company that operates freight rail shipping

  1. the sale of the skunk train to the railroad company is a tactic to do an run around the fact that the skunk train has been classified as a tourist attraction and is thus subject to city, county and state regulations. By connecting with the railroad, the skunk train is going to make a claim that they’re not subject the rules and regulations, because they’re part of a railroad which is exempt.

    I think it’s fair to say that the skunk train folks are out to “railroad” our local community.

  2. The Skunk Train no longer exists, at least not in the sense that it a transports people or freight to or from anywhere. For over 100 years it was capable of taking people or freight the 40 some miles from Ft. Bragg to Willits. That is no longer the case. The tracks are coming apart, the trestles are collapsing, the tunnel has collapsed. Northspur was turned into a meth lab by train employees and subsequently burned down. No trains are running, other than 4 miles out and back. It is not a public utility — it is a bicycle cart path. Mike Hart and Robert Pinoli have destroyed a historical regional treasure. Despite the BS claims that it will run again, be assured it never will. All railroads take maintenance, and they aren’t doing any. What’s happening with the tunnel? Anything? We should march from Ft. Bragg to find out. Anybody have photos?

    At some point, some reporter needs to examine this as a case of pure Trump-style grift. Mike Hart and the Skunk Train have attempted, unsuccessfully, to pull a stunt out of Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles and declare “eminent domain” on an ordinary private landowner whose property they coveted. The court sensibly found this to be laughable. But what of their other ongoing scams, including right here in town where they have absconded with the LP mill site? Have they taken Federal money to “work” on re-opening the tunnel east of Ft. Bragg? What happened to pandemic funds they received? What grants have they received? Follow the money that these grifters have received and you’ll find that while Robert Pinoli may care, to some degree, about the train, Mike Hart is working the long con and it has nothing to do with trains.

  3. Just add these guys to the growing list of corruption in our county. …. I used to be a supporter but not anymore. They play dirty….in all aspects of their business dealings.
    Pinole is just another spoiled rich kid…. a Veruca….”I WANT IT NOW DADDY” …. bam he’s got a railroad. He’s got his toy but he never learned to play well with others.

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