Replacement CalFresh benefits will be automatically issued for February storms in 120 California zip codes


44 thoughts on “Replacement CalFresh benefits will be automatically issued for February storms in 120 California zip codes

    • Assistance given in a time of need.

      What is the meaning and purpose of that? And how should it be viewed and addressed to those giving and receiving? With Criticism? Covetousness? For those who consider themselves to be “True to God/Jesus/thy Lord” are forsaking the 10th commandment:

      Exodus 20:17: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife… or anything that is your neighbor’s.”

      For those of you who believe in other faiths or are spiritual (like myself) I am more than certain that each and every one has a belief of being kind to others and providing praise and appreciation for DOING SOMETHING rather than the alternative. To allow letting others suffer out of spite and jealously for not being included in the generosity of others is a form of pure evil.
      As one had so kindly mentioned above that if you feel that you are also in need of such relief to only apply and/or contact for this as well.

      Hopefully, you may all see the kindness that’s being given as a positive gesture that shouldn’t be taken for granted or looked down upon. We all need a helping hand once or twice (or more) in our lives. From personal experience, it’s not always available or given and can only appreciate it when it comes.
      I hope this was not taken in any other way than just a friendly reminder and suggestion of reacting to kindness and generosity being given to others…

    • Oh yeah, sure, whine some more. It’s really attractive for someone of your wealth to make a snide comment like that. Money can’t buy class, I guess.

    • I rather not, loose there home. I had to save up with that or eat.
      Well I new the choice you would of taken to sir. I believe it is only the right choice. Now I need desperate help with PG&E and Water. If you can greatly help it would be very appreciated, thank you so very much.
      May God Be With You Always.

      Vida Liera
      [email protected]

  1. My rent went up my gas bill high sky Don’t have enough for them much food and I need a food stamp for this month and next month

    • I just wish we get something for low income and there it is for Down water power program low in come application and Heap program application for bills try to check on those programs on the internet or you can call them water power for programs try it it doesn’t hurt God bless you

  2. So I guess, the rest of the people who experienced food loss, don’t get any help, cause they don’t live in the right zip code? And on what information did they decide which zip codes ?

    • Do they say what zip codes ?? We lost power for 4 days during the storms. Lost a good amount of food. I live in 95116 zip 😔

  3. Yeah, $23. Won’t buy enough to make a macaroni dinner these days. Where do they get the the idea they have to lower the allotments while food prices climb sky high?

  4. My name Stephen Dobbs I was wondering if the 96003 in all those zip codes im in the 96003 zip code so if it is when will we see extra food stamps on are card and how much will it be for us here in Shasta county and is it for the whole Shasta county as well I’m sorry if I’m asking too much questions

  5. Give up the trump card and move on to Texas or Florida. I’m just grateful for a Governor that works very hard to help his people in our state. It’s refreshing for a Governor to actually have compassion.

    • He helps himself. Like the billions of tax payer money he spent on PPE equipment from a company he has ownership in and not one single piece of that equipment got distributed. It was left on a dock and Nov 2021 excessive rains ruined all of it.
      Then let’s talk about him taking money from the general fund and giving illegals a stimulus check. It was done privately so we have no clue who actually got the money. Then raised the gas tax .50 cents a gallon stating the general fund needs to be built back up for road repairs. If he had not squandered the funds on illegals and wasted PPE equipment there would still be plenty of money. And no one on social security got any of the gas tax stimulus he first promised because he didn’t think seniors and disabled people on social security needed it. We are the poorest group and yet he just cut us out. Wake up this man is not looking out for us.

  6. I’m a disabled senior living on a fixed income. I live in Southern California, which was also hit hard by the storms and flooding.
    We lost our extra help for food this month. Why would they take away the help we so desperately needed, when it’s obvious that CO-VID is not over, and many of us live alone and struggle to make ends meet. I don’t even have transportation, and with the storms and heavy rain and flooding we’ve had, it’s definitely impacted me and people I know, negatively. We STILL need help.
    Someone needs to rethink this decision, and help all the seniors who are still struggling to get food and stay independent!

  7. I want to thank Social Services for the extra food stamps they sent me along with the millions of others for as long as you have. I hope we all get through this soon. God bless and love you all.

  8. You people are nuts! But I love every one of you! C’mon let’s have a shindig, barbecue or just get inebriated,I think it’s time,but no driving.Park and Stay.

  9. I’m very serious impact with out the extra food stamps when my rent and bills is more higher now and besides that the gas prices everything is three times more expensive my health is getting worse in depression and even cannot sleep well thinking how to take care by myself I’m a widow my only monthly income is $1.133.40 a month and $862.00 is my monthly rent whatever is left is not enough I have every month get a loan for $255.00 and pay back $300.00 and some time overdrawn my bank account a very nice and well known bank like Wells Fargo a good people institution bank. My resolution is I’m thankful because some how I can make it halfway every month even when I just can dinner a cup of noodles. But will be good if the government and the President of the Country pay attention to ours necessary and relief help to the people of this country North America My final thought is I’m old lady already living by myself and don’t feel good about my situation anymore and I’m getting tired about the same situation every single day how a going to make it to pay my rent and bills I’m soooo tired for my life don’t worth nothing and sometimes is better RIP than keep begging for helps. Any ways I’m thankful God and for today day and maybe for tomorrow day. And hope they help more on this times of reception and hardship with the high prices in everything. God Bless Ours Country and the Government desires to us the Peoples.

  10. Holy schit….people it’s going to get worse. Be prepared new world order is here. It’s time to start opening your eyes so you can see instead of just worrying about me. This is what they want your playing into the hands of the man…wake up and open your eyes before you get left to die…new world order is here.

  11. Cal fresh I would like to know why I and my spouse got cut off of cal fresh just as the pandemic closed offices ,the only thing that got us food was stimuless and I don’t know how all of the stimuless and unemployment money’s are going to effect those benefits paid out from .gov but. Dispersed by County’s DSHS offices when I inquired about a calfresh reinstatement theytoldme to reapply ? We are allready on file in there system , Reapply is not making over to the file in my head ? It sounds frustrating it is like you want to ask did any of the .gov employees make it past at least 3rd grade part way through 4th
    But no really was I cutoff because they knew we got a stimuless check ? That is the way I feel am I just not happy ? I know we did not get the last one from Cali? You had to earn money and file your tax return but if you had no income your sqewed screw ed 😶 and now I am 63 started ssa retirement at about half my maximum benefit amount each monthly it buys food gas but still live in our van it has Ben this way for years 2016 to date now. Can’t catch a break it seems but I’m not hungry I don’t have a recliner or a bedroom mmm I don’t have to clean the house or the other rooms and wash the bedding each week . So I’m grateful for what we have and may be for what we don’t have too.

  12. I’m 72 years old working part time to make ends meet I’m retired but I can’t stop working because I have not enough money for my rent no food very little food I’m underweight and I need Cal fresh please Patricia Mayo please help me

  13. My food went bad and had to buy a lot of food out because no power and I don’t have access to gas stove so god bless and Christ be with all that made this happen and god speed to recover rescue all survive and suffering through this hard times. I work full time and even though I work 65-95 hours a week the cost is too high without electricity and utilities we have to depend on restaurants and mobile food trucks.

  14. Why is San Joaquin County not listed? Who decided that? We lost power for 4 days, and then we were flooded out of our homes, evacuated. No power and many 100’s of dollars of food lost. Our county was deemed a natural disaster. We get nothing!!

  15. Really? Do you listen governor of CA for us senior citizens that we need help with rent utilities gas and food??? Do you hear us???? It keeps going up in prices that we can’t afford!!!! Hear our request for HELP!!!!!!

  16. Why has this Governor of California not want to help the seniors on social security to receive simulates check or extra EBT . It’s really unfair to us
    because we are on a fixed income and alot of us don’t make very much.
    Please send a response to let us know why seniors on social security can’t get
    any extra help.
    Thank you

    • Do not click!!!! REPEAT: DO NOT CLICK DO NOT CLICK DO NOT CLICK!!!! This is NOT a website of the zip codes, it’s fake and a scam of one sort or another!!!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT CLICK THE LINK THAT THIS AWFUL PERSON “DIANA” POSTED ABOVE!!!!

      Here is the REAL link:

      SHAME ON YOU for posting that fake link….there are many, many elderly people who will not know better, among others!!! How do you live with yourself? Forgive me for saying this, but who the hell raised you?! But, what goes around comes around and I’m just really glad I’m not YOU when it does.

    • Diana’s link is LEGITIMATE, unlike the anonymous poster below her. She linked to a CDSS link with the ZIP Codes by county.

  17. Wow. Lotta hungry angry people around here. I too think it has been very unfair to think over 62 year Olds and ssdi fixed incomes, are able to attain food and housing and kinda forgot about us when giving stimulus to taxpayers only. I’ve been non filer all my life due to disability. I hate being poor. I really really hate going to bed hungry.
    I won’t however, think it’s calfresh or ssa fault we all are in the positions we are in.
    There have been very generous groups from all areas of resources in all areas of all counties since covid.
    We would be way worse if it wasn’t for the extra cate and kindness and duty of state, county, general community…
    I’ve seen volunteers all last 3 years do more then I could my entire life. I love human nature at its purist.
    Thank you to the kind generous kind compassionate who did help one another.
    Theses extreme storms are not political or judgemental (no karma involved either)…
    Also, if the “wealthy hungry too” comment above, I just wa t to say, good for you expressing that you are wealthy and feel forgotten. Probably have a lit of tinebin your hands to be leaving comment about how you feel left out. I have extra noodles/sauce you can have anytime alright?
    I’m a north calif native. I love redwoods beaches, privacy, intelligent persons in my life.
    I wish an obvious solution to what is happening all over the world today.
    Famine, flooding earthquakes, fires, shootings, Haye crimes, overdoses. It all is humans killing each other at the root.
    May the strong survive and help all the people you can.
    If not… treat others how they treat you.
    Or how u wish to be treated.
    Love ❤️

  18. For those complaining about the reduction in Food Stamps recently, remember:

    President Trump SIGNED the increase in 2020.

    President Biden SIGNED the DECREASE in 2022.

    “Democrats” love you.

  19. Trump is King! Gavin Newsome is a joke you got criminals running the show and your paying the rich woke elitist to ruin the country. Fuckin reparations lol for people who weren’t slaves and you expect people that didn’t own slaves to pay for it! Fuckin Delusional!

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