County’s robin population burst is more than a sign of spring


4 thoughts on “County’s robin population burst is more than a sign of spring

  1. Hello Frank,
    I really enjoyed your American Robin article and learned some new things! Thanks so much for writing about the robins and for talking about the Christmas Bird Counts and the bird decline information.

  2. I just had at least 60 come across my back acre, my field fence is double layered with chicken wire, so when the got to the edge, they clumped up in the back quarter, very well hidden in our red dirt and oak leaves, until they took off in waves into the neighboring oaks. I am in Garden Valley, CA and neither here nor in the yolo county area do I recall them working the ground like a nomadic heard.

    My thought was that the water saturation has made surface food so abundant here that they can actually roam in that close approximity versus having to range out for food survival. They were moving directionally, scouring until they hit the fence line. Then I found the San Diego stories and stumbled on this article. Thought you would like to be aware.

  3. How come no one ever mentions the extremely large # of birds KILLED by domestic cats. Climate change BS.

    Cats kill more birds than the climate!

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