5 thoughts on “Inundated with animal surrenders, Mendocino shelters in ‘quite a whirlwind’

  1. How can we adopt animals if we must have a vet for them and the vets are not taking new clients? It breaks my heart that some of us who would like to help don’t have that option.
    Just wondering—–

  2. It costs $370.00 for a blood test for 1 cat in ukiah. $370.00 if it has to be “sent out”.
    The sad truth is not many can afford a cat or dog.

  3. A couple times a year Mendo County Offers training classes in Phlebotomy, medical and dental assistants. Why can’t the Program be expanded to train people to do a wide variety of vet procedures currently only allowed by Veterinarians. Certainly there could be training programs for dental cleaning, scaling, drawing blood, cleaning wounds, closing wounds, home euthanasia services, plus many more things. Because its true…it can take 3-4 months yo get s reg appointment and the high cost of vet care is making it impossible to properly care for pets.

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