5 thoughts on “Prosecutors oppose lenient sentencing, ask court to make example of UPD. Sgt. Kevin Murray at Tuesday sentencing

  1. Well reasoned request for strong sentence. Please remind the judge that “promise” or indicated sentences from the bench are not binding on the court until after sentence is imposed.

  2. I wonder. If Kevin Murray’s wife or children were raped by a corrupted methhead police sergeant, would Kevin Murray plead for leniency in the sentencing? Would he want the corrupt cop’s “service” to the community to be considered in the sentencing?
    Or, would he want justice?
    Somehow, I am thinking… if Kevin or his own were the victims… Kevin would be all about getting justice.

  3. Another Fine example of the Good Ole Boys in Blue committing heinous crimes and getting away with it. It makes me sick … that We have tweeking, gun toting Rapists in charge of our protection. Uh, NO THANKS I’LL PASS

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