Mendocino County residents hold Roe protests in Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg


4 thoughts on “Mendocino County residents hold Roe protests in Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg

  1. I understand from a friend that a man was injured by the police in Willitz and as a result, may have permanently lost the use of his arm. Do you have any information on this?

  2. I couldn’t get past the very first sentence. Nowhere in the United States Constitution is abortion even mentioned, so how can it be a Constitutional right? I guess if enough people keep saying it and the news keeps repeating it, then eventually it becomes Truth. Actually if a right isn’t specifically stated in the Constitution then it goes to the States, (or the People) to decide if it is a right. Therefore the Supreme Court ruled that in accordance with the Constitution the abortion issue belongs with the individual states. How hard is that to understand? The rest of the article just described protests on a Friday when the taxpayers were at work.

    • Not exactly, though our government likes to pretend it’s that way. 9th Amendment US Constitution. You do indeed have lots of rights not “enumerated”. Which itself is “enumerated” in the US Constitution in the 9th Amendment. As such, these unenumerated rights are indeed federal rights.

      As to Roe? Well, not an enumerated right, but Common Law is routinely cited, which for centuries allowed abortion, but treated it as murder if performed after “quickening”. Roe was argued on sort of a technicality, but was partially decided on a “balancing test” of the rights of the mother to control her own body. Kinda like if your neighbor wants your kidney. Hey, you have two and I’m gonna die! Give me your kidney! No, you own your own body and can keep your kidney, even if the other person dies.

      Having said that, the Second Amendment is quite clear, and IS an enumerated right. And has been under attack for decades, weakening other rights. Now the same folks with the Orwellian allocation of “liberals” are routinely attacking the First Amendment.

      In short, Liberals killed Roe by attacking the Second Amendment, splitting political support for reproductive rights. Which recent and pending Supreme Court hearings may solve by peeling 2A out of the equation.

      Solve the 2A “issue” and all you need is 1/3 of Republican leaning voters, to make the 2/3 (1/2 + 1/6 = 2/3) for a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to solve the “Roe” issue. Or just quit trying to take each others rights away, I guess. 😛

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