3 thoughts on “Final Mendocino County primary election results are in

  1. wow… only 3 weeks later the final results are in! Unbelievable! Maybe if people had more faith in our elections we’d have a higher turn out. This whole ‘ballots for all’ scheme has got to stop! Where’s the outrage on all the wasted paper, huh!? Environmentalists seem to only care when it’s convenient for them.

  2. What are you suggesting? Restricting peoples ability to vote by getting rid of mail in ballots? This will only lower turnout even more, wo need more people actively voting not less

    • I gave my suggestion, stop with the bs mail ballots for all. Unless you are not a fan of chain of command and over sight. It’s called abuse and they used the CCP virus to do it. Nobody is restricted to vote the old way, that’s 100% hogwash. In fact if you do your homework you’ll find that voter turn out went up when they implement Voter ID.
      Less than half of registered voters, voted. So it sure seems a lot of people are using the extra paper for fire starter.

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