3 thoughts on “Board of Supervisors cuts water protection from proposed sales tax increase, moves forward with fire prevention

  1. As this funding will go to the County, one must ask- what does a wholly dysfunctional local government need? More of your money of course! How much more? More.

  2. After the Measure B fiasco (Training facility no one wanted, Crisis Residential totally overpriced and still unused), the BOS has proven to be inept with special taxes. Really, do we need special taxes for services that should be provided with our property and existent sales tax? California is too dependent on emptying our wallets for more and more money. No to more taxation!

  3. Um. BOS has it figured out. It’s this brilliant government engineering project that routinely comes to fruition in the most capable, efficient, and competent government agencies.

    It’s called “the self licking ice cream cone”.

    Look it up!

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