Lawsuit challenges timber plan that allegedly includes thousands of old growth trees


3 thoughts on “Lawsuit challenges timber plan that allegedly includes thousands of old growth trees

  1. Dave Brooksher try to act like a journalist and use common sense and basic fact checking. Do not just parrot what the anti-logging activists tell you. There would not be “thousands of old growth trees” in any one THP on MRC property. There may be over a thousand large trees of the 60 to 150 year old range. Also “hack and squirt” is an effective “forest management” practice which moves a timber stand back to a more natural level of species distribution, mainly increasing conifer (preferably redwood) stocking. It is legal and effective. CBD and EPIC are using the same arguments as they always have with scant little supporting evidence. I doubt they will be successful. Today’s timber harvesting practices demonstrably protect resources more than then they ever have. There is of course still room for improvement.

  2. It sounds like things have not changed much since I move to Mendocino County in 1977. At that time the voters had past a ban on spraying dioxin. And the timber industry used the state law supersedes argument at that time to continue the practice. Fortunately at present, The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) jointly filed a lawsuit to uphold Measure V and stop the cutting of old growth trees. MCR should at least change their name to California Redwood Company if they do not want to conform to wishes of our county’s voters.

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