California mask mandate: Is it ending too soon for little children? (CalMatters)


3 thoughts on “California mask mandate: Is it ending too soon for little children? (CalMatters)

  1. Give up the all knowing attitude right now you group of paranoid society killing sociopaths. You are wrong in your efficacy of masks determination but that never stopped any of the medical community from misleading and damaging our social interactions and a child’s free and easy view of life. Exaggerations if not bold faced lies!! Get in bed under your blankets with 2 masks on and stay there away from people who may screw up and listen to you. Jerks.

  2. State and Federal Public Health have been quite clear, that “masking” is to reduce spread, not eliminate it. Masks never “worked” the way some true believers seem to think they do. The purpose was to reduce spikes that overwhelm hospitals. We are well beyond that now even ignoring the ineffectiveness of masks with the Omicron variant. Masking is dragging out the process, nothing more.

    Besides, political extremists have weaponized the issue, and it is absolutely poisoning our society.

  3. Forcing children to wear face nappies is CHILD ABUSE! The so-called “health authorities” who insist that it is necessary should be stripped of their credentials and forced to pay for the therapy that will be needed for those poor innocents to recover from the trauma that has been inflicted on them. Show me one shred of evidence that SARS Cov-2 was ever isolated, or that the PCR tests accurately indicate infection, or that masking and distancing will protect us from getting sick… and by evidence I don’t mean the drivel spewed by talking heads in MSM or frauds like Fauci.

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