Nurses want to spread care, not Covid-19 (letter to the editor)


3 thoughts on “Nurses want to spread care, not Covid-19 (letter to the editor)

  1. Add to that, many workers are finding themselves infected but cant afford to get fired since they have already used up their pto, what are they supposed to do?? They are being hung out for the buzzards. Shame shame.

  2. Instead of complaining about the lying “experts” yet again manipulating their “science” in a manner more fit for astrology, we need to accept that SARS-CoV-2 is NOT going away. We need to support the vulnerable, while recognizing that for the vast majority of people, a diagnosis of COVID-19 is not worse than a bad cold. No more idiot mandates for “masking,” no more fraudulent “testing,” and no more deadly, ineffective gene therapy “vaccines.”

    “Two weeks to flatten the curve” has become two YEARS to flatten the curve (along with flattening the economy and flattening the EEGs and EKGs of many who have committed suicide or died from despair as a direct result of COVID-19(84) tyranny). Will we keep playing along until it’s two DECADES to flatten the curve?

    I feel very sorry for the people who have been victimized by the government- and corporate-sponsored terrorism inflicted on them. This includes the health care professionals who have to live in the Orwellian/Kafkaesque world created for us by our “Great Reset” rulers. But there comes a point where people of reasonable intelligence or better need to recognize they’ve been played in a satanic manner, and decide ENOUGH!, no more.

  3. Could t have said it better.
    It is ridiculous….. I have been on a medication (humeria) a Lil over a year now. It’s suppose to slow the progression of my disease,so I may live longer with less pain and more mobility? My insurance pays $7,166.52 every month. That’s 2 injections a month…ok there are a few setbacks to this medication.. it does suppress .y immune system… so next .. I get the covid vacating 1 shot ..2 shot… to help my immune system a bit so I Don’t get covid?…. well guess what? I was tested positive today!…I amrunning all this over and over throught my pretty educated brain here… and what I have come up with…is?
    I need better phsyc medicine. Because I am about to see if I possibly fly. I needs some clarity here. ! Not feeling like the 7000 dollar woman at all.

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