Ukiah businesses make at least five separate calls to UPD for help with trespassing antimask flashmob


57 thoughts on “Ukiah businesses make at least five separate calls to UPD for help with trespassing antimask flashmob

  1. What losers. They won’t be laughing if one of their kids catches the virus and dies after they marched them all over unmasked. Nice example to teach your kids also. Shame on them.

    • If one of their kids catches the virus and dies! That is a cruel thing to say regardless of your stance on masking.

      The horrible thing about these events is they invaded actual local businesses, not just corporations. Ukiah Natural Foods gives so much to our community and Black Oak Coffee as well, if people want change with the mask policy they should contact our policy makers, not cause havoc in local businesses.

    • It’s widely known in the medical community thatthese lite cloths don’t prevent airborne transmission so you’re ranting about a mute concept. Ever notice how med staff wear full body covering suits in covid wards? And dentists are triple covered with 2 masks & a face shield?
      If the simple nasks we’re expected to wear did anything to stop the spread, you can bet they would be wearing them when working with covid patients. They’re not. They are a waste of time and a new source of litter everywhere.

    • Oh noes, the Virus, the Virus!

      Far more kids are dead or disabled from the sham “vaccines” than from COVID-19.

      Not that you care about that; just your new cult-religious faith of Branch Covidianism.

      Teaching kids that Apartheid is wrong is a great thing.

    • Ms Mistletoe:

      The Coop is run by collaborators with fascism. Especially disturbing is the fact Lori Rosenberg is Jewish, and should know better than to collaborate in marginalizing and dehumanizing people.

      What these folks did is no different than the sit-ins of the 1960s.

      It used to be our County was all about opposing GMOs. Now, most of the same people want to BE GMOs, via the gene therapy sham “vaccines.”

  2. It look another incident of the police not doing their job. Maybe we should look into the UPD duties and responsibilities to the community.

    • What do you want the police to do, drag “wrong thinking” people away to a concentration camp, perhaps? Beat them over the head, “for their health,” would that satisfy you?

  3. Shame on these mobs indeed. If a store wants you to leave, and they have that right, then you need to leave. What are these people trying to prove? So dont wear a mask! Expose yourself to this deadly virus. Why bring innocent businesses and people into your protest? I dont understand their platform. Or their mission. God help them if they get sick. Whole thing is stupid

    • I’m sorry you are unable or unwilling to actually review the facts and develop an opinion apart from the liars on television. Your hysterical fear has apparently rendered you incapable of rational thought.

      What are they trying to prove? Same thing the Civil Rights workers of the 1960s were with sit-ins: Apartheid is wrong.

    • Holes in any mask lower than a rating of N95 are larger than the virus. including blue surgical, cloth. When spittle dries in them, virus get inhaled; when wet with aerosolized snot and spit too, virus gets in your mouth and nose.

      VIRUS CAN GET In THE EYES, BUT WHO CARES, no one mentions that.

      Vaccines? Look up Robert Malone MD, inventor ofmRNA messenger transport method used by jabs. Not a real vaccine like measles mumps Hep A or B.

  4. Yeah, these people are being jerks. But this mask thing has turned into a liberal power trip rather than a public health issue. Masks are increasingly ineffective due to new variants, and never were fully *preventative* at all. That was never the intended purpose as stated by Federal and State health agencies. The purpose was to slow spread to control hospital surge volume. They never thought it could actually prevent it- even with Alpha which was much less contagious.

    The misinformation being peddled on both ends of the political extremist spectrum is ridiculous. Which would include the hysterical claims of dying children. Covid isn’t particularly dangerous to children at all. Let alone once they are vaccinated. Covid exploits the ACE2 receptor, which children have precious few of outside the nasopharaynx. The WHO and UNICEF have been pointing this out for more than a year.

    We hoped vaccination would end China’s little boondoggle, but unfortunately that looks unlikely, and increasingly so. Much like climate change (Again China) it’s real, but it’s also uncontrollable. No amount of self flagellation will change the driving factors.

    Get vaccinated, and follow the health protocols. They are law, and even if a little walleyed due to political extremism- are relatively harmless.

    • The “vaccines” were and are a LIE. They are NOT safe and they are NOT effective. Only fools still believe in them.

      Immoral “laws” can and should be ignored.

      Remember: Jim Crow and Apartheid were “the law.”

    • No, I didn’t “miss the fact”. Deaths do and will continue to occur across the board. But children are *very* minimally effected comparatively by these Covid strains. Even less so when vaccinated.

      Any death is a tragedy. Especially so with children. HAVING SAID THAT, public health measures have generated much more severe problems across the board for children. Domestic violence, child abuse, and lockdowns leaving the especially vulnerable at home with drug abusing violent parents. But even aside those horrors foisted upon children unlucky enough to have bad parents, the lack of typical childhood interaction drove child suicide rates to absolutely *unprecedented* levels. Never mind the every day stress as majorly stressed out parents tried to meet Zoom requirements and make ends meet concurrently.

      Making the cure worse than the disease is idiotic. But it’s not CDPH, CDC, UNICEF, or WHO who are doing this. It is more local- political extremism. Which is particularly nasty in our community- from BOTH ends of the wallnut spectrum.

  5. Liberal…. broad minded not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or traditional forms. AS a old-school liberal I have more in common with these folks that are pushing back from government hypocrisy! Than these leftist nazi types.. Look at the Mcguire article here on this site,front cover says it all… as I say not as I do! If you want to wear one fine if, ya don’t than dont. If I had comorbidities I would be wearing a N95….a piece of cloth isn’t cutting it folks.

    • These il-liberal “liberals” are big fans of totalitarian “democracy,” provided THEY get to give you the “choices” in such a system.

      It’s sickening how so many who protest for “My Body, My Choice” are gleeful collaborators in “Your Body, Government’s Choice” on the sham “vaccines” and masks.

      Oh, and never confuse the hysterical fanatics with facts like only N95s offer meaningful protection. The ritual isn’t about health, but compliance.

    • All good points John…….A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine…..A republic is a form of government in which “supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives”…….

    • Far right neo nazi racist….far left socialist authoritarianism…..race is the ploy…..socialist have the big money…..divide the people to conquer a country…..I tend to be bittersweet;)

  6. Imagine reading this a few years ago. The fight to show your face. The fight to defend your beliefs. The fight to defend your health according to your heart, intuition, and beliefs. What’s the big picture? Sometimes its good to get a wider perspective on the picture. Usually all roads lead to the banks….follow the money trail. Don’t separate over issues you do not understand.

    • Humanity’s enemies have laid ALL of this out for years, most recently, in Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” scheme: “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” And COVID-19(84) itself is merely the live-action version of 2019’s “Event 201” “exercise” sponsored by Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab’s “World Economic Forum.” NONE of what’s going on is a surprise to those who paid attention.

      ALL of our “trusted institutions” have utterly FAILED our country and humanity as a whole. The media, in particular, has abandoned any principles to provide THE FACTS to the People; they are now nothing more than government mouthpieces.

      Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil” is fully on-display again in our world. Those who should know better just go along to get along, or worse, derive pleasure from collaborating.

    • Well said this mask mandate is a tool of division. Same tactics used by hitler. Moussolini. Kim dynasty etc. its part of a plan. A cloth over your face is a pathetic attempt at containing aerosol mist. But look how well its dividing the sheeple????? Look objectivly folks. The press is now a propaganda mill

  7. So No crime to enter and expose yourself aka no mask cough contact trace bodily fluids upon patrons while eating a veggie burrito when cops enter and they say leave and they did. Without paying. If a business has mask required to enter please be respectful of that. March on public streets to address your concerns. Thats fine no problemo just don’t block roads emergency vehicles or a persons right freedom of movement. Leave businesses in our beautiful community alone. I support them who support clean safe secure areas for patrons to shop during a pandemic…do You?

    • No, I will not “respect” collaborators.

      Millions died last century because millions of others “complied” with “the law.” We have obviously learned NOTHING.

      These mask-less shopping adventures are the moral equivalent of the 1960s sit-ins, challenging Apartheid in both instances.

    • Yeah, this IS the USA, where decent people RESIST fascist tyranny.

      Too bad these folks didn’t load up baskets full of frozen and perishable items, and then just leave it all there when the collaborators refused to take their money. Opening products is the next best thing, and that should continue.

      Collaboration should have consequences.

  8. Customer service has really gone down hill with that attitude…..there is the Bezo affect….this is what they want……take a percentage from the local markets…..there taking it

  9. How completely idiotic to equate a simple public health measure to a denial of freedom. Mask up indoors, it’s easy, it’s science based prevention, and it protects the vulnerable like my wife in chemotherapy. Even more important since most of you “patriots” are unvaccinated. Variants only occur when the virus has human hosts, not out of thin air. So you demand “freedom” to prolong the problem and increase infections, variants, and fatalaties. You’re viral hosts in waiting. What a noble cause. I bet you think you’re heroic. Embrace Science. Think critically.

    • Hey Jim a 3M 5102 or N95 would be better than…..ohh and the door handles are nasty too…..hope all goes well with your wife

    • Most of what you assert is lies.

      Wearing a mask for an extended period is NOT “easy” for many folks.

      Wearing a cloth mask or “surgical mask” does NOTHING to protect anyone. Even an N95 is not intended to stop viral agents. You’d know that if you actually looked at the real science, not merely parrot talking points. If the masks “protect” you, then you and your wife have NOTHING to worry about provided you wear your masks religiously (term used literally). The masks either work both ways, or not at all – they’re not “one-way” as implied by (some) “experts.”

      The sham “vaccines” (gene therapies) are NOT safe, NOT effective, and NOT vaccines. The more “vaccination,” the more cases, because the “vaccines” are CAUSING the “variants.” Many physicians and scientists warned us this would happen nearly a year ago. Data from around the world demonstrates this conclusively. No, you won’t hear any of that from the liesmedia and the professional liars of the CDC and NIH.

      The “pandemic” stops the moment a majority say NO MORE OF THIS. Compliance makes it permanent. The war against COVID-19 is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous.

      We’re sick of the meaningless “compliance” orders from money-driven “experts.” If you can’t understand that these decrees and “mandates” are WRONG, then there is something wrong with you. It’s clown world ironic to see the liesmedia spewing daily about “My Body, My Choice” in regards to killing an unborn being, but simultaneously demanding “Your Body, Government’s Choice” in regards to “vaccines,” masks, and “social distancing.”

  10. I don’t get the allusion to fascism. I have had pretty nice experiences shopping there, just like most of the stores in Ukiah. They are “normal” and not out of line in promoting the rules that we have decided on as a culture, i.e. wear a mask indoors to help prevent the spread of Covid. Let’s not go into outer space on this, okay?
    Also, I would like to promote respect for life, by asking the maskless not to try to make the numbers of dead of this disease a trivial matter. Every death is a tragedy, and anyone who thinks it’s okay to expose people to the danger of Covid, i.e. hospitalization, intubation, and possible death, is revealing an aspect of themselves that needs correction. This is not fascism but just simple humanity/humaneness.

    • “Decided on as a culture”?! LOL

      These “rules” are DECREED by dictators. They are not based on the consent of the governed. EVERY dictator in history has insisted what he/she does is for “your benefit,” including “protection of the people” or, in recent decades, “protecting children.”

      Fascism is the formal ideology of the self-righteous DEMANDING, and using terrorism, to compel compliance by the targets, for an agenda. COVID-19(84) is firmly based on that. And fascism usually relies heavily on lies, just as we see in this “pandemic.” “Safe & effective” (sic) sham “vaccines,” meaningless masks and “social distancing,” and fake “testing” that gives scientifically-invalid results most of the time.

      If you want to talk about “respect for life,” I’ll expect you to denounce the killing of unborn beings via abortion. You know the mantra, “My Body, My Choice.” And since you seem to care about stopping the spread of disease, are you also in favor of making sodomy a felony again, and punishing those who engage in reckless sodomy (most homosexuals)?

  11. One thing that is left unmentioned about this incident is that it took place one year and eight months after the start of the epidemic.
    Perhaps people are tired. People are making efforts on all sides. And, people have died. Many have died of this virus, alone, on respirators, in pain. As someone on this forum mentioned, a child has just died. Where is the mourning for that?
    For so long, we have held different opinions, about the role of government in our lives. Now, those differences are–literally–in our faces. Do we really need to take out our tiredness and our frustration, our bitterness (often a result of inability to mourn) and our anger, on a beloved local institution?
    If you have a problem with wearing a mask, for any reason, have you considered curbside delivery?
    If fascism is a concern for you, and you feel a duty to stop it, are you doing anything to protect synagogues? Have you spoken out with concern about the Jan. 6 insurrection, when people bearing Confederate flags and swastikas invaded the halls of Congress? If you are on the left-wing/alternative health side of the equation, have you spoken out about the many anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that are flooding those communities?
    In short, since we’re all tired, maybe we need to sit down a bit, and consider what is really going on.
    I don’t mean that to feed all the theories that are going on in your head. I mean about feeding the soul and expanding your heart. Because, after all, maybe none of us really knows all there is to know.
    And then maybe when you get your energy back, you can go down to the Co-op and ask them how you can support them so they can keep on providing fresh, delicious food to the whole community.

  12. I hear these people may be banned from ever shopping in that store again. I hope they have fun on the 2 hour trip to Santa Rosa! Cause there’s no other local store here like this with all organic food. I know how much they care about the food and what they put into their bodies. They may regret their childish choices. Haha.

    • Who wants to eat processed nuts or tumors grown from one cell of meat. Not to mention unhealthy oils and chemical concoctions.
      Besides it uses so much electricity it defies climate saving measures. (electricity is made by coal or nuclear power plants)

  13. You people are all white. Or at least they all looked that way in the video. ..I don’t get comparing yourselves to Jim Crow. Smh.

  14. Hey Boys and Girls! How about a fun experiment just in time for the holidays? If we could just get a list of names of all these Mendocino Patriots and see how many of them show up to the hospital with Covid in January 2022. I would bet a 70% infection rate. Consider that the UK is having a daily record surge of over 88,000 cases a day due to the Omicron variant and we have some people here who want to gamble that it isn’t going to happen in our little county. Not here. Not us. We want normal again. Anyway, as the old confederate rebel used to say, “We have rats.” (rights) Think of it as just another game the casinos come up with. Only instead of player points it is gambling with your health and life. What fun! High stakes! Any side bets?

    OLIGARCH. Democrats and take back our freedom’s beauty

    OLIGARCH. Democrats and take back our freedom’s beauty

  17. Willits Grange has free testing on Mon; Wens; and Fridays, they have you do the test yourself. Have any of the protesters been tested? The School Board is a good place to protest, you shut them down and it doesn’t cost what it would cost a business to shut down. You are afraid to protest at the places, that would really make a difference, State, County and Federal offices.

  18. I’ve been a Covid nurse for over a year. It is NOT “widely known in the medical community thatthese lite cloths don’t prevent airborne transmission”. Covid can be passed through direct contact and/or droplets exhaled by an infected person. Standard face masks absolutely work, as does the vaccine, to significantly reduce transmission of this horrible virus. I would love to not have to hear another patient tell me on their death bed that they wished they had gotten the vaccine. But then, I would also love to not have to explain how important wearing a mask and getting a vaccine is to people who are intelligent, but don’t want to believe because they think they’re part of something greater. When a patient is lying in a hospital bed, slowly dying of Covid, they aren’t being “helped” by the people in this flash mob. They become forgotten to these people. If they require hi-flow oxygen to stay alive, which many do, they can’t have visitors. They are fighting to stay alive alone, and it’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy. It’s heart breaking. You can do your part now to protect the people around you. PLEASE wear a mask and get vaxed.

  19. Thank you for your comment, Jennifer. My hats off to you for the dangerous work you do as a Covid nurse. I only wish I could paste what you said on everyone’s forehead.

  20. Stupid, self centered and childish. Some people will always be petty. I hate masks too. I do experience shortness of breath. I just know that public health (and manners ?) is more important than stupid childish tantrums. Wear the mask or stay home. The staff in these stores have the right to not be abused.

  21. ….John Tokalenko dominates the rap here, where he sounds like Fux news funneling misinformation 24/7/365. Mendo Voice, please stifle this perp!….

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