4 thoughts on “Mendocino County’s Covid-19 business signage mandate for vaccination policies goes into effect — have you seen the signs?

  1. These signs are vindictive. Why target only restaurants and bars? How many of the County’s restaurants have had outbreaks, compared to, say, big box stores? Why not include EVERY business in Mendocino County? Make it fair. I’m getting tired of petty dictators making one sided mandates, especially as our numbers have been dropping.

    • When is the last time you went to a “big box store” and stood in the same spot for an hour? Oh, never? OK.

  2. What a horrible way to divide the community! I guess Coren doesn’t want to acknowledge the backlash and protesting around the world with regards to tyrannical measures. He is out of touch and thinks they’ll try to push it on the people anyway. The very first week they did this in NY businesses suffered…oh well, as long as he gets paid it’s all good right?

    • Three quarters of a million dead and “Lorenzo” & “Debbie” cheer for more. The insatiable death cult.

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