5 thoughts on “Mendocino County may have a standalone water agency by next summer

  1. Screw this lame idea. 5 enployees costing that much?
    We don’t need more local government agencies.
    Most of us or our ancestors came to this area to get away from this kind of crap.

    • Shameful! This being done so Mendocino County can keep stealing water from the Eel River and sending it south to the Russian River, Potter Valley, and Sonoma County.
      This is mendocino RACISM at it finest!!

  2. Hopefully they do more than monitoring the situation. The unincorporated coast needs to be partnered with fort bragg, desalination is the only solution and the only river that’s feasible is the Noyo. Period.

  3. Water is crucial and conserving and preparing for future droughts is essential! I find it funny that the race card is drawn into water. The Eel river and Russian river would not exist during drought years without Lake Pillsbury. To blame Potter and Sonoma for growing food and agriculture you should point to all the grow diverting and taking water! We need to start with solutions and technology not pointing fingers.

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