5 thoughts on “Have you voted yet? The governor’s recall election is Tuesday, September 14

  1. This is not some republican scam like Sen Warren is acting. The people of this state posted enough signatures to enact a recall, it is a very democratic process. Vote however you like and enjoy living in a democratic republic!

    • It’s no secret Democrats promise is higher taxes to pay for scamdemic stimulus checks and “delay your rent /mortgage” because big brother has you covered.

      Welcome to Communist Party CA/USA, courtesy of chyna pelosi, newsom, feinstein and shitt.

  2. Recall Newsom’s policy allowing for the admission of COVID-positive patients into state nursing home facilities (paying them $1,000 a day)???

    On May 15, 2020, CA state officials sent a memo to skilled nursing facilities saying, “All California SNFs should be implementing the guidance … including preparations to be able to safely: receive residents with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection; care for residents with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection; and prevent spread of COVID-19 within their facility.”

    • Here comes Alberta telling everyone how to vote and think. I will be voting to recall gav but I know my opinion is only worth 2 cents and I like people with different opinions.

      However, if people would quit getting sick from corona and filling up the hospitals then the state wouldn’t be forced to pay snf’s $1k of tax payer money to house covid patients!

  3. Wrong! Screw those mailed ballots. The best way to make sure nobody already voted for you is to go in person and turn in your ballot for a provisional. Stop using the CCP virus to weaponize our elections!

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