Water hauling urgency and vax rights: Jim Shields (column)


2 thoughts on “Water hauling urgency and vax rights: Jim Shields (column)

  1. I totally agree wholeheartedly with what Jim Shields has said with respect to everyone everywhere of all ages providing their age and health condition makes it safe for them to get ‘the jab’in order for our communities and our country and the greater world to stay healthy and safe are vital. We give up our individual freedom of choice daily on many levels. This is not about giving up our personal liberty. This is not about making others feel uncomfortable. We drive our highways by wearing our seatbelts. Wearing seatbelts saves lives. It is the law. In order to get on a plane, we can no longer smoke as it risks others and their health. Buildings that are built with safety in mind are done to protect all humans. Bridges and other structures that have requirements that must be met again, to keep all of us safe. Getting vaccinated for deadly diseases such as polio, TB, Mumps, Chicken Pox, Measels, Whooping Cough, Ebola, etc, are a must when populations live around each other to keep everyone from getting seriously ill or dying. There are many laws that require us to give up personal liberties and freedoms but it is done with the safety of all human life. It is not about politics or personal liberty. This is a time not to espouse personal rights and personal liberties. This is a time for action and a call for all to get vaccinated so this deadly virus can be wiped off the face of this earth in order for all humans to survive and thrive. Vaccinations have saved lives all around the world. The Corona virus and it’s many variants, some deadlier then others as the Delta is and now the variant ‘Mu’ is presenting as a new variant of ‘interest’ will continue until it is wiped off the face of the earth and the only way that mankind can eradicate this is through science, medicine and vaccinations. This is not the time to spew your own personal view of liberty and right of happiness. This is a critical time for all of us to put our own philosophies and political ideologies aside and focus on the health for all of us, plain and simple. Get vaccinated. There is no other choice if you want civilization to return to normalcy.

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