5 thoughts on “Supervisors make PG&E funds available to truck water to the coast

  1. Total bs no water in the valley but we can truck it to the village for Airbnb’s at the cost of fire victims. What an insult bos!

  2. This is an outrage! We’re selling out our local communities for out of town tourists bringing in covid and now taking all of our water.

  3. If the county can find water haulers who are not already busy to bring this water I would be surprised, but if they are willing to pay ANY amount maybe a few will leave their current customers to come do this.

    At least they are not using this emergency fire money for subsidizing business, just to make sure residents have water, that I agree with.

    The true complaint I have to our county government is ‘You saw this coming for years and did nothing’

    What about next year? Do we have $3.4m to spend like this yearly or should we get real and do something that isn’t a past century fix for our current and future problem.

    We need a desalination plant on this coast. Be it here or Fort Bragg and not only for Fort Bragg.

    • Seems to me the money from fires is subsidizing both business and residents…at least that’s what this article alludes to. I do agree desal is inevitable. Please enlighten me if I’m off base

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