4 thoughts on “Broiler Fire started by Flow Cannabis mower — former grazing contractor condemns fire management practices — statement acknowledges responsibility for fire ignition (updated 10pm)

  1. This should be the last straw for Flow Kana. I know many disgruntled former employees who have told me horror stories about their business practices. For a supposedly “legal”cannabis company they don’t operate within the bounds of the law. They engaged in phony pandering to the community when they first arrived: The community gatherings, the broken promises about how they would operate, the creation of lots of good paying jobs for locals, etc. it all turned out to be bullshit. They are a greedy corporation concerned only about their bottom line and not our community. People are saying “at least they took responsibility and admitted it was them and apologized and offered to help the victims.” Sorry that’s not good enough for me. Their negligence has caused 3 families to lose their homes. And now learning about the grazing contractors contract being cancelled and Flow Kama not taking her advice makes this whole thing even more disturbing. We need to send them packing before they do anymore damage to our community.

  2. Mendocino County should definitely move to Phase 3, expanding marijuana grow sites and operations.
    Since the county law enforcement, Marijuana Regulatory Commissions, and county Board of Supervisors do such are so successful and do an outstanding service to the taxpayers by controlling, regulating, monitoring, marijuana cultivation sites (many in very remote, inaccessible areas), the environmental concerns, and black market activity Phase 3 should move forward.
    Have the Mendocino County authorities demonstrated to they public how they are controlling marijuana grows, hold them accountable under strict regulations, and how they have a long term, comprehensive plan to deal with marijuana grows?

  3. Flow Kana must fully be held accountable for the damage they have done. They must fully rebuild all homes destroyed and reimburse all costs to put out the fire. In addition, a full review of their operation and practices must commence, so this never happens again.

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