One thought on “Chainsaws fall silent this week: logging in Jackson State Forest stopped

  1. Calfire must be held to fire protection for all of us based on guidelines o f respect. It stated itself that open grassland, previously logged areas & wind present the greatest risks for fires. The previously logged area are where Calfire has the most influence to not approve THPs in this age of global warming that has made forests a physical nessessity for all remaining life itself. As filtration systems, oxygen & nitrogen producers, carbon sequesters & cooling, anyone can see this is an essential need to be required & protected like the bastion it is against the global threat of warming. THPs & log companies need to be things of the past like slavery & compensated for as plantations are now tourist areas. There already have been civil wars over our forests.
    Lives lost on the ground & spent in courts defending our forests. Remaining log companies must be required to keep products of the USA here & for their use to be only of the highest standard not used where non depleting alternatives can be used in building.

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