2 thoughts on “Ukiah’s secret weapon to outlast the drought: recycled sewage water

  1. So the math is hard to understand. Ukiah spent $32 million to create a system where the equivalent amount of water (1,000 acre feet @ $47 per ac) costs $47,000 a year? This will recoup costs (IF they would collect money for the free water!) in 680 years. What public servant genius thought this was a bargain?

  2. Water conservation is always a worthy cause but at what expense and purpose. The recovery system is not for drinking water to be introduced into the residential water system. All of the water is sold to agricultural uses and to water the golf course. Would have been much cheaper to move the golf course close to the treatment plant.

    The greater concern for Ukiah would be to utilize Lake Mendocino as a irrigation dam. In 1947 Congress appropriated money for a “flood control dam”. The Army Core of Engineers are directed to empty the lake every year to protect Sonoma County from flood waters. Our congressman seems ignorant of the problem. The lake is capable of holding up to 30,000 more acre feet without raising the dam. Currently water storage is based on a year to year operation but should be held based on at least a three year plan.

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