12 thoughts on “McGuire sponsored bill would give 172 acres of Mendocino oceanfront back to tribes

  1. Give the stolen land back. It was taken for free in the homesteaders act. Then sold for very large profits to the next and to the next. But originally this land was Native peoples homes, harvesting grounds, burial grounds, birthing grounds and was always loved, appreciated, and taken care of by all the natives tribes or tribelets that made use of the land. It makes rich people/ land owners mad that they would have to give something back their ancestors got for free. We will take care of our land, it is our right, passion, and our pleasure.

  2. I think it is brilliant to return this land. The tribes will keep and protect it for all of us. Safe-keeping.

  3. From sea to shining Sea , our Native Relatives were murdered by,all those who came here from across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans . I am a descendant of Blue Fox Chief Thomas Foster Lenni Lenape (Delaware Indian) . Give these people back their lands Now or Suffer the Consequences . You know this land was known by all as The land of The Yaki People. Do The Right thing

    • Interesting that your ancestors were all murdered, but yet you exist.
      We all want something for nothing. Good!

  4. I feel like giving it back is the most ethical thing that could happen. Our indigenous people have had so much taken from them, it’s about time we start doing the right thing.

  5. Given back by people who never took the land to people who are only remotely related to those lived there. As for sacred, that’s a crock and everyone except those who are hog tied by political correctness knows it.

  6. I’m thrilled to know that any land can be returned to Native care. We remain as colonizers who profit off the selling and reselling of land that was stolen. This small section of beauty is but a gesture toward reconciliation of our responsibility to redress the continuing disrespect toward Native culture and lands. Please be generous and support this new nonprofit that will preserve the area.

  7. Who exactly is caltrans giving this land back too? A yet to be formed non profit? Sounds like a bunch of Sacramento politicians telling North Coast people what to do. Fk this proposal and fk our douchey political “representatives”

  8. Gary Frank Quinton is a career drug/slum lord with bodies buried on his property and any liquid cash he has access too (after constant career mistakes) is just blood money. He is a primo dirt bag/predator/rapist who has screwed over more people than anyone else in the Westport area. His grandson got Autumn hooked on hard drugs up at his place before her untimely murder by an estranged baby daddy. Just all around bad energy. Gary Quinton personally stole thousands of dollars from me in a scam deal…he is a pro at fucking over his neighbors and community. This is karma if I’ve ever heard of it. And Snob Sally and her nasty wine and nasty disposition. Not sure which is worse. . . her acidic wine that makes people puke, her cocaine-dealing employees, or her nasty personality. She is the only woman I’ve met who takes pleasure in making children cry and run for their lives. Laughing my ass off reading this. Sooooooo proud of the native folks who are leading this fight against genuinely evil white people in Westport. This is long overdue. I will pray, meditate, and manifest that the great spirit leads to this divine transfer of land away from career criminals. PS PS Gary Quinton and John Gray: where are the other bodies??????????????? We all know you covered for Jimmy Denoyer.

  9. Section 118.9 does not contemplate the effect of: 1. Constitutional right to fish on state-owned land and obligation to reserve fishing rights upon transfer of state-owned land sec. 25 art. I, Cal. Const.; 2. Public Trust Doctrine; 3. Sections 6210. 4 and 6210.5, Public Resources Code. Neither the legislature nor Caltrans can side-step the Constitutional fishing right.

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