Mendo Supes talk drought — Redwood Valley, Calpella may be down to critical health and safety water only within month, about 200 ag connections will be shut off next week


9 thoughts on “Mendo Supes talk drought — Redwood Valley, Calpella may be down to critical health and safety water only within month, about 200 ag connections will be shut off next week

  1. Panic about the the drought, cut off water to conventional ag and start limiting residential use by June but by god we’re gonna pass phase 3! Recall every supervisor that votes yes on the 19th.

    • Totally agree…
      Any expansion or continued permitting to the “Cannabis industry or implementation of Phase Three in Mendocino County in the middle of a water shortage/drought will surely be a vote for the big money over protecting the local community and environment.

  2. So now it is official, the lack of water is a health and safety issue for Mendocino County, with agriculture being cut off Monday. Now then, why can a pot grower have a well dug and water their crop without regulation or oversight? They are only agriculture when it is convenient. Recall in other recent news reports that have described the pot growers overuse of water caused the neighbors wells to dry up. They remain dry today. Where’s the common sense regulation and enforcement our elected leaders should be taking about this? Why do they continue to turn their heads and refuse to see the families without drinking water or unable to clean themselves? Are we becoming a Third World Country because of wanting to sell and smoke weed? What a cheap sell out.

    • They will regulate the Ukiah valley. GSA is in effect, it’s a high priority basin. Many growers are in for a rude awakening as their water will be limited in coming years. Surrounding valleys are not high priority so it will be pump what you want as long as it’s there at least for now. County just signed a contract for satellite service to identify growers that are un-permitted or have environmental violations. Heavy fines will be levied and properties put under lien when not paid. Similar to Humbolt now. It will be a start to rein in this madness. If we can keep phase three from passing that will help too.

  3. How many inches did we get in 2017? I don’t agree that this was the “wettest year on record”. In the late 1880’s when this area was still a rainforest, rainfall was past the 100″ point.

  4. I have lived here for over twenty years, and yes commercial growers should not be allowed, just like the wine growers should not be allowed, that consume mass amounts of water. But most importantly, Why do we NOT address the Geoengineering happening in our skies almost daily. We live in a very special area, one of the last rain forest left in California, at least it was. Now after as they spray tons of material, you can see the mist settle in the valleys, like you would see in LA. This mist, ends up on our lands and trees, in our water and in the air we breath. This mist also dissipates the lite rains. With condescend spraying and increased part per million, our coastal rain move up north. It’s not just a matter of nature, it a matter of intent!

    • Wow, so you’re one of those huh?
      Take a couple college courses on aviation and see if you don’t have an epiphany or two

    • I have been saying this for a long time, but Serono , El Dorado county, ca where are Governor Newsom lives ,they even water the lawn next to the side walks and in between islands of the road . While we live with stickers and so dry land. My poor dog have pick stickers of him 3 times a day.

  5. Thank you for a good overview of some of the topics presented at the water workshop. I encourage everyone to watch the recording on YouTube. Follow Russian River Flood Control & Water Conservation District on Facebook for updates and water saving tips!

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