Andy Rondon speaks out on Skunkworx raid (letter-to-editor)


6 thoughts on “Andy Rondon speaks out on Skunkworx raid (letter-to-editor)

  1. Waterboard is a form of torture; I think you meant “water board,” which is an entity which regulates water.
    This is a most unfortunate story and I am very sorry this happened to you. Our county is poorly run in my opinion.
    Thank you to Mendovoice for publishing this.

  2. Does anybody out there hold a CCL or aWDID number mines 0001 I was 1st in California have the cannabis water diversionpermit, are any of you exempt from waster discharge due to cannabis waste .. anyone registered regional prior to July 1st 2017??
    All you all hill folk see is Grammer misspelling
    …thats why there’s so much wrong with Mendo..
    Your all a part of the problem..

  3. From the MCSD’s raid on “Eagle”‘s legally placarded grow in Covelo, reported this year in the AVA and Rondon’s story and his lawyer’s information that other such incidents have occurred in Mendo Co, i think the MCSD likes to bust unethical illegal growers, ethical illegal growers and legal growers alike. I think legal growers were robbed years ago by 4F federal marshalls. What can the witnesses say of the guys carrying police gear who came to rob them, that they called the MCSD on? How exactly were they dressed? Whatall do you remember about them? Maybe they were deputies or in cahoots with them, since any deputy must know how to read a date on a permit. I think they provided an excuse to bring the deputies so they could bust you. When what people say and do does not make rational, honest sense, it can be a clue of an ulterior motive. Talk with Michael Shambrook also, Rondon.

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