Who gets a California stimulus check? When? (CalMatters)


9 thoughts on “Who gets a California stimulus check? When? (CalMatters)

  1. Husband retired and I am housewife , we made less 70k last year , we live by husband social security money and other income which is less 70 K pretax , we will get the money ???

  2. I hope this is getting to the right people. When I signed up for the stimulus package and the account at my bank was closed by the bank. They said my check came in but it was returned to the irs. So my question is , who can ca me to get this squared away please.
    Thank you SW

  3. Why is it listed that some undocumented workers who get $30,000 to $75,000 may be able to qualify, but not our low income workers? That’s not right! We should be sending that extra money to our own.

  4. What happened to the $2,000 everyone was supposed to get? That they’ve been promising for months now. The original agreement was with this stimulus money none of it was to go to the illegals, like last time. That was another reason President Trump signed the agreement prior to leaving. But as always Demorats lied again as always. I’m sure their pockets will lined with some of it. Why would an illegal making $30,000 – $75,000 a year deserve a penny of that money? That’s why there’s nothing for ur American people because you’re giving it all away to people who shouldn’t be getting it. The elderly, disabled that worked their whole lives get crap but an illegal comes here and they get everything. Even though it’s our tax money you give it to them. Why don’t you give up some of those billions of illegal dollars you pocketed from China, Iran, Russia and God only knows how many others. You damn traitor, thief you should be in prison for treason. You’ll never even up sending out those checks. They’ve already gone from $2,000 to $600. Don’t any of you Demorats worry or you republicans that are traitors. God is seeing everything your doing. They say he forgives us for our sins but not when you know what you’re doing and you keep doing it. Doesn’t matter if you believe or not. Little by little things are going to start going bad for you. Then all of a sudden as they get worse you and your family will realize God is already starting. He always starts with the little stuff giving you a chance to make good on what you did and when you don’t things just continue to get worse. Eventually you will realize he wasn’t playing around God gave chances and you were to hurting others . But you will all of a sudden realize what’s happening. It will be God stepping in he doesn’t always wait until you get to the other side. People like you, Pelosi, Schumer, Newsom and the others you”ll be going down stairs to the hot side. I hold you like hot weather!!!🤣😈👿

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