10 thoughts on “Vaccine availability on the Mendocino County coast: Miller Report for February 16

  1. So we finally get a semi rational distribution plan and now a private company is going to run interference for the politicians who are felling the heat to make sure there is inequality of distribution with first does going to the south and the valley.

    Everyone can read BS between the lines of the Blue Cross Plan. Newsome should be recalled. He does not have the courage to lead so he lets an insurance company decide who shall live and who shall die

  2. Your website address for AHmendo is wrong. And, not only for the capital letters. It’s missing a period. The entire rigamarole is crazy enough. Please be more careful.

    • That is strange, that link works on my computer at the hospital, but not at home. Please, try this link. http://www.bit.ly/ahmendo_notify
      I will ask MendoVoice to print a correction. Thank you for pointing this out.

      Sorry for causing confusion.

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