2 thoughts on “Vaccine supply remains limited — Miller Report for Jan. 25

  1. Mendocino County does not stop at the Navarro River. There is the whole District 5 area which is served by Redwood Coast Medical Services, yet I see absolutely no reference to when/how those of us will be served. Also, the state and national guidelines call for those 65 and older, not 75. Mendocino County has made the decision to use the old tiers. It may make sense for more populated areas to vaccinate only those in that age group, but it means that in smaller areas, like the South Coast, once they have vaccinated all of the 75+ group, they can’t then offer vaccinations to 65+, because the county won’t allow it. That means all of us down here in our own local community are forced to play by rules set up for places like Ukiah and Fort Bragg.

  2. If the priority is to vaccinated those over 75 in Phase 1B, why is the county vaccinating in home workers and teachers/ Seniors should get vaccinated first.

    It would be nice to know the source of 11,000 figure.

    The Mendocino County page has 8000 people being vaccinated as of this week.

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