2 thoughts on “Miller Report for January 19: “Frustrations over vaccines”

  1. I completely understand that we are at the mercy of the vaccine count we get in the county. I am fully agreeable to waiting my turn and believe that the priority is appreciate. My concern as a 77 year old with a heart problem and a 74 year old wife with lung problems is that we have not been able to find a way to get on a list to be notified when our turn arrives.

  2. I am in FIVE Elevated Risk Categories for COVID-19, one of which is Age. But, I’m not *quite* yet 65, let alone 75. So I might as well be a 20 year old in perfect health, as far as California can see. What a slaister! Before, we had the Thug Republic stumbling between outright malice and clownish incompetence; now, we are back to regular old Bureaucratic indifference. Ah – progress… Too bad I likely won’t be around long enough to see everyone vaccinated, as I do still have to occasionally take my life into my hands and go Grocery Shopping, or to the Post Office.

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