One thought on “What do you want Ukiah to look like in 2040? Join these virtual workshops on Dec. 7 & 8 to contribute to the plan

  1. 1. Superficial make overs won’t change Ukiah if the same business crushing high tax politics exist

    2. Spanish style mission architecture. Bright light- something like the Adventist Pavilion would suit this town and environment.

    Ukiah has a lot of ugly buildings either cheap strip malls or the Art Deco which is the ugliest Art Deco i have seen. Even the historic buildings are sad and dark… stucco archways and a general Spanish/Mediterranean Euro look would brighten downtown

    3. Get rid of bums that squat all over Ukiah. We should gate off Pomolita athletic field and other parks so that kids can use safely. Ukiah police do nothing about this. Is it not a priority to remove a obscenely ranting crazy man doing drugs on school property ? Unacceptable. These people congregate and camp everywhere despite per capita more assistance than anywhere else in the country…. hmmmm could that be why they flock here in droves?

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