Modest quake strikes between Lakeport and Hopland


2 thoughts on “Modest quake strikes between Lakeport and Hopland

  1. It was actually a fair sized earthquake. There were a number of comments on an earthquake website that said they felt it strongly in Ukiah. It was centered about 5 miles northeast of Hopland.

  2. I felt it rather strongly. I’m the second house on the corner of Knob Hill and Madrone Dr. I’ve removed my carpet in my house and my bed has rollers. The quake shoved my bed (queen size) into the wall and back waking me up. My top cabinets in the kitchen opened and dry goods fell out. Nothing broken. My boarder collie ran thru the house barking. House forced in a north and south motion parallel to Knob Hill. Have lived here 33 years and that’s was the strongest one I’ve felt. I grew up in the Santa Clara valley and have been thru many a quake down there.

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