3 thoughts on “Ft. Bragg & Ukiah schools likely to reopen soon under hybrid model — under red tier schools may open as soon as Nov. 12

  1. don’t waste our time. No intelligent or logical thought was put into this. Lets rush to open right after Thanksgiving and family gatherings just to go into Winter break. Dumbies. If the board of trustees wants the schools open, then they have to work in a classroom as well.

    • This whole State Board of education stinks! Just my opinion. People have gotten spoiled not having to work. Also so have the kids. Not their fault though. They have been manipulated. Yes the bug is real. But everyone has been brainwashed into fear. With fear control happens. On our tax dollars to. If your sick stay home. Go to a doctor. Wear a mask or do what you feel is safe for you and your family. This run away horse has to be stopped. Rules and regulations is what it is! Just my opinion

    • It’s about to get really bad. Sending the children to gather in groups is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Who in their right mind opens schools during a pandemic. Aren’t any of the school officials listening to the professional Doctors who say do not gather in groups and that this pandemic will get worse? This is beyond infuriating. Whoever is making these decisions does not have the Safety of the public or the students in mind. Do not gather in groups!!!!! That’s what everyone says. So why open up a school to increase the risk of this pandemic????????

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