2 thoughts on “As California fire insurance prices skyrocket, residents ask themselves: should I stay?

  1. Who knew Serena Williams lived in Willits??? Makes me proud to know someone of her stature who has been all over the world can see the value of what we have here. Welcome Serena! We all wish you the best in your goal of tying(and breaking) Margaret Court’s grand slam record!

  2. I guess this article needs to emphasize “climate change” over and over until it is simply a unformidable given? an unorganized nebulas, that is without understanding? well I can point a finger if you guys can’t…and it’s pointed at Lynda and Stewart Resnick and all of their Big Ag cronies! who are causing the desertification of California. When we decide that healthy rivers and healthy forests are more important than producing 80% of the world pistachios and almonds, so the rest of the planet can get their “nuts”, by way of diverting water away from its native northern California lands to the arid desert regions of southern California, Kern county down. Then the Sierra Nevada’s can begin to heal…it is our choice? to let these so called “Farmers” make billions off of this states water reserves? at the expensive of the states ecosystem, the health of the mountains, the health of the rivers, the health of the people of northern California, our water meters and scheduled days of watering? for what? so the Resnick’s can hold fancy dinner parties in their billion dollar Beverly Hills mansion, entertaining the likes of Arianna Huffington and those folk? I say NO!

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