4 thoughts on “Groundwater regulation comes to Ukiah; local Groundwater Sustainability Agency introduced plan last week

  1. if water is an issue then why do these rocketscientits want to remove dams that contain millions of gallons of water for fish that dont migrate to spawning grounds that didnt exist i’e phillsbury/scotts dam

  2. The drought was four years from 2012 – 2016, not six years. 2011 and 2017 were very wet. Remember Oroville in Feb. 2017?

  3. The political leaders have ruined our forests; water management as now considering removal of dams and releasing water into the ocean; and now they are coming to claim private landowners water rights – seeking more control and taxation. Government needs to be reduced and removed from interfering in the lives of Californians. Born in San Francisco many years ago and have watched the decimation of our beautiful state by greedy, power hungry politicians and now I find it might be necessary to leave this state unless people wise up and remove the current batch of politicians hell bent on ruining this state.

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