2 thoughts on “Local and national conservation groups join forces, sue timber company over logging project

  1. Liberals don’t care that mothers fathers and little children are being burned alive in out-of-control fires caused by none other than over regulation of logging (fuel removal), so-called “environmental” laws that have greatly restricted the number of control burns allowed (fuel removal), and so called “environmental” laws that have greatly restricted the literal going in and removing of bone-dry fire tinder (fuel removal) over the last few decades. The forcing of local residents to “conserve” water and leave their lawns bone-dry in fire-crazy environments, lest they be punished with huge monthly penalty fees (never mind the allowance of dope-growers and wine-grape growers allowed to used millions of gallons of water, pollute our rivers and creeks with chems, and dry up our local creeks. “Nuh-uh! It’s ‘man-made climate change’ that’s doing it!!!!”…..”It’s PG&E that’s causing it!!!”…(remind me again how many times liberal activists and “environmental” groups have tried to get laws passed to force PG&E to **narrow** the swaths they cut around power lines?)…you know, because…”it harms the forests and environment!”. Yes and brings fire fuel closer to the power lines, but never mind that unimportant little fact. Since these activists are *still* trying to get laws passed to force PG&E to leave narrower paths with fuel closer to power lines. 40 years ago as a pre-teen I listened to locals saying the “liberals/environmentalists are going to burn California down if we keep allowing them to pass laws leaving the forests full of tinder and fuel”. 40 years later…what’s happening?

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