Major cannabis bust in Covelo, 21 detained


6 thoughts on “Major cannabis bust in Covelo, 21 detained

  1. Wondering if this is standard practice, MSO releasing the names of folks who were not booked. Seems unnecessary. And what is Mendovoice’s policy on this? Why publish names?

    • If you play stupid game’s, you win stupid prizes .. your name in the news.. what’s so hard about that? No racism .. Greed got them as it should have busted!
      Now you know!

  2. The head sheriff and many deputies are racist. They want to incite the racism by naming spanish decent and foreigners so Kendall can gain support for his failing war on cannabis. Racism, plain and simple! Now they detain 5 year olds, disgusting sheriff deputies…. shame on them!

  3. Well I don’t think we know the whole story. They don’t say much about it but they have a task Force for “Cartel” folks. They are still around though and I have no use for them. I’ve cleaned up a number of their sites and they are bio dumps. Maybe one of these folks will change the way they operate and if that’s so then their names in the paper may have been the catalyst and it was not that big of deal. I understand the gentlman when he was concerned about naming folks that have not had their day in court. We need to be carefull about that for sure.

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