Sen. McGuire holding town hall on Ukiah Unified’s reopening


3 thoughts on “Sen. McGuire holding town hall on Ukiah Unified’s reopening

  1. I may be busy at work still during this scheduled call but if possible would like the Senator to have my comment. If there is a better way to submit this please let me know. Thank you.

    I could be wrong, but I would think the costs would be much higher to have teachers show up to empty classrooms all day. Air conditioning is necessary for at least the first 4-6 weeks. Every classroom at every school across the district? Let’s start thinking about the future economically here. How much tax revenue is going to be lost to our community from the impact of Covid? I am fortunate enough to pay a good amount of taxes annually directly to the county and think it is a waste of those funds to spitefully make these teachers, paras, admin workers, janitors, and other needed workers to keep those buildings open, when they can do it from home (on their own expense btw). I just think in a crisis situation and an evolving recession/depression, those $$ are real important, and some people will be saying they wished they saved those expenses at a later date. Hopefully I’m wrong, or the proper decision is made here. This isn’t a time for division but for cooperation. Let’s get on the same page here.

  2. I am a para for Ukiah Unified. I am very upset about the district requiring that I show up to my worksite to do remote learning. Unlike most sites where there is one teacher to a large classroom, my program site is in a small two bedroom house owned by the county. We have one teacher and five paras that would be working at the site. We would have to separate into small spaces away from each other as much as possible, wear masks and possibly shields and gloves ( as directed by administration)and share one bathroom. The administration has requested that we stay there all day like that to do remote learning and fulfill our contracted hours. Why? If it is not safe for students then why would it be safe for us? What would be the advantage? What is the reasoning? I personally don’t feel the district is looking out for my best interest here. I would be safer (and more comfortable) doing remote learning from home. Yet, the district has put out many emails suggesting that their greatest concern is the safety of students and staff. Is it?

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