5 thoughts on “Health officer to issue new restrictions as COVID surges; Ukiah Unified vacillates on “hybrid” plan, Doohan discourages opening schools (updated 10:45pm)

  1. How much more are people expected to take?

    How much more are people GOING to take? Before people engage in “active measures” to resist this?

    If a foreign invader attempted the dictatorial rule we are now seeing all patriotic Americans would advocate deadly force to oppose it.

    We all know the Party of Preborn Infanticide does not value human lives, since they have rabidly advocated to extinguish tens of millions of human souls over the last 46+ years. A disproportionate percentage of them Black (so much for “Black Lives Matter”).

    How one perceives the COVID-19(84) scam depends upon whether one truly trusts in the Almighty or not. If one accepts that the Creator has the final say on when we pass into the next life, one does not fear dying from this disease. If one has no faith, or inadequate faith in God, then one is hysterical about “how can I ‘protect myself'” from risks that are actually uncontrollable by human will. Those without (adequate) faith in God place their blind faith – and I emphasize, blind faith – in human intellect, or, what the idiot savant falsely claims is “science.”

    For those of you who are cult members and believe in alleged human omniscience, you deserve every thing that is coming to you economically. Stupidity should be painful, and yours will be most unpleasant. [you’re likely too stupid and/or blind to realize the money that funds your lifestyle is coming to an end soon due to Flatten the Economy].

    For those who are unwilling to swallow the loads we’re expected to, I am truly sorry, and pray for your well-being and peace, from the un-natural disaster imposed upon you and your families and your community. You now see that government is your enemy, every bit as much as a killer or rapist who comes for you.

  2. This is blatantly unconstitutional and based on fake science and falsified data. Doohan is a “useful idiot” of the eugenicists bent on destroying the financial stability of industrialized nations and reducing the global population… and I am not talking about CONVID-19 deaths, but the steady, inexorable descent into poverty and despair. NEVER in the history of the world has an epidemic had such dire, far-reaching consequences for humanity, including generations as yet unborn. Keep wearing those masks, folks, and enjoy inhaling CO2 and your own buccal pathogens, and don’t forget to snitch on anyone out enjoying themselves without a face diaper. The globalists love nothing better than an obedient populace that marches in lockstep to their orders.

  3. I’m currently deemed essential. I don’t feel like being enslaved by stupid people. You’re not asking for “ freedom “ you’re demanding the right to bully and sicken others who should have the right to have nothing to do with you.

  4. If you don’t want to be enslaved by stupid people, what are you planning to do about Newsom?

    People who cannot or will not wear masks are not “ordering” you to do anything.

    People who cannot or will not wear masks are not threatening punishment for you.

    Wear your face diaper and stop worrying.

    Only cult members demand others “comply” with their cult dogma.

  5. No. The great unmasked/unwashed wageslaves loyal to the police states #1 priority of quarterly profit gains to benefit their pseudo-daddies are threatening the lives of anyone exposed to your rancid, unfiltered death fumes falling out your propaganda regurgitator while you prosthelytize a very misinterpreted version of constitutionalism through a wad of chew & funyons. At least that’s the science. It’s not cultish to expect restaurant workers to limit customer exposure to fecal bacteria by hand washing. Nor is it to expect you to limit the bull feces fumes from your dumb-maker.

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